Starstruck By Me For A Minute

My “atheist walking” has been cited as the 1st atheist vid on youtube. My “multiple universe” vids may have been the 1st on that subject also 4+ yrs ago

im thinking there is a way to “capitalize” on this to help me “get the message” out. maybe something newsworthy enough to bring attention to what i hope could be an inspiring story. hows that sound? ok, lets be real- how can i get famous of…f this without looking like the attention whore i want so badly to be? LOL i did clearly state tongue and cheek that it is my goal to be the worlds most famous atheist. how to do it while maintaining the intregity of my message. im not evangelistic or preachy, i basically could care less if people believe or dont. but i do have a strong passion for developing and sharing my particular message, energy and understanding.

factor in the race card a black man at the head of the youtube atheist revolution! maybe i need to write a book and get on the best sellers list and do the talk show tour. the networking pieces are very close if not in place. that means i think ive been exposed to enough of the people in the atheist community to create at least a little buzz that could get traction and then momentum. ok shit i believe i can put together a capable strategy and get major support. and i believe funding aint no issue either once im ready to really step to the plate.

i wonder if im just realizing this or is it just becoming something i cant ignore anymore. maybe its just natural as things go to grow and want to experience more and more. this was triggered after it set in that i may actually really have been the first. i mean damn that could be in history. when i was doing it i wanted to be cutting edge and in the back of my mind pioneering and first was definitley there. but the way its hitting me right now this second has me feeling like damn mr mitchell. im like starstruck of myself. real or imagined, it could be the weed, but the feeling is real. i am in overwhelming awe of my accomplishment. right now as i type though i can feel it subsiding that feeling will motivate me to go higher and farther.

one thing is for sure, ive been ramping up to go to the next level and these realizations are some of the best encouragement i could get. even if its the weed talking…

yep, the starstruck is gone. its back to being just sum’n i did. back to workin it now. the daily show and/or host saturday night live. shit, if we gonna dream…

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