Dr. Cornell West and Black People’s Attitude Towards the Sciences

Smiley and West reflect on the discovery by scientists of the “God particle”, a sub-atomic key to understanding the (physical) existence of life.

i love Dr Cornell West but this kind of flippant attitude towards science at this level from someone looked to as intellectual by his community is whats keeping black folks behind the curve, trapped in church, thinking a god in the sky will supply all the answers. This leads to a systemic cultural ignorance which puts whole generations at a severe disadvantage in a modern world based more and more on science.

the video summary states incorrectly that the “god particle” is “a sub-atomic key to understanding the (physical) existence of life.” evidence of this particle is theorized to indicate how all matter (everything) in the universe can have mass (weight). so its not he existence of life, but more so the existence of the universe.

why did they even post this audio clip? what was the intention? was it to let their listeners know its ok to be ignorant of cutting edge modern science? it like saying you dont need to understand all this this physics news science stuff cause science gets it wrong all the time and will never answer the questions only god can.

now im not saying grandma or aunty need to understand particle physics or quantum theory, but have an idea of what it is to expose the children to it. take them to church and tell them that god did it, but also put a book in their hand an show them there are other ideas. water cooler conversation in a modern workplace environment and all your kids got is “god did it, thats all i need to know.” im having an anxious flashback now remembering dealing with minds that never had a chance to open and watching them struggle in a world that has zoomed passed them…

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