$26 For A Hamburger, Fries And A Drink

wpid-20140406_170330.jpgFirst off let me premise what I am about to say with the $26 included the tip. And that it was maybe the best hamburger and french fries I may have ever had. The shoestring fries were thin, hot, crispy and  perfectly salted. I ordered a custom burger with  base price of $13 with each topping adding to the cost. I got a pretzelbun ($1), crispy onion string ($1), bleu cheese (premium $.50) while the roasted red peppers and thousand island dressing carried no charge. 

Walking into this eatery spur of the moment with no coupon downtown Los Angeles I expected something this costly. But what I didn’t expect was how good everything was. The temperature in the place was absurdly perfect (not too cold as the usually), the music was 80’s rock and set the perfect atmosphere at a very comfortable audio level that allowed other conversations to provide a very pleasant backdrop. Muted big screen TVs with sports playing as the booth was comfortable and the service very very accomadating.wpid-20140406_165904.jpg

It had been a loooooooong time since I’ve taken time and treated myself to something like this. And if it wasn’t for the fact I arrived for an event 5 hours early and didn’t want to go back home making this trip for nothing I probably would not have given this treat to myself. And it was a very special experiecne. And one factor was that I was alone and able to consume this experience without distraction. Just me and my thoughts and my sensations. And sweet Jesus Mother Mary the food was good!

 Now would I want to become accustom to this lifestyle and $26 lunches? No. For me it is best left to being a once or twice a year thing that I can have to look forward to (that may be an over simplification). There is a cost involved in maintaining this level of lifestyle, a cost I am simply not willing to pay. Be it cause I’m not turned on by having these things or that I find deeper pleasure in different less “costly” experiences or that I’m just lazy and absolutley do not want to assume the pressure or responsibilty involved in generating that kind of income.

There is no doubt that this was a very very plesant experience. An experience that I will have again and again I’m sure. But does getting to a point of requiring experience at that “level” come with advantages?

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