A Heaven & Forever Conversation

(My responses in bold)

You know your ‘my now’ videos you post down by the waters edge? That’s heaven only better. Are you saying you get bored in your ‘now’ moments too?

yep. they are fleeting. but the reminder that they dont last forever is the motivating factor20160709_141422-crop

hear what you’re saying and it’s great that you appreciate your life as much you do as it truly is a gift but I ain’t buying the ‘I’d get bored after several million years of eternal bliss’.

Besides don’t those moments at the sea feel timeless however fleeting? What I’m trying to say is that don’t you lose all sense of time in those moments? Which is how I believe Heaven to be.

if you lose all sense of time then whats the point? what makes those moments special is that i know the next day i have to go to work and or accomplish something not so blissful. i love pizza but o dont want to eat it EVERYDAY!!

i dont believe in an afterlife but thats not the point here, the logic of an afterlife is what im scrutinizing. in our present form we get bored eventually of any and everything. now, on to speculate what “form” we evolve to that can enjoy anything for an eternity is another issue

pleasure comes from fulfilled desire. in heaven there is no desire because the definition of heaven means wants are satisfied. so now we humans will create a want or a desire if we sit around happy for too long. and i think its a key feature of evolution and helps the species grow, or die out.

The point of losing all sense of time is ‘being in the now’. Being completely and utterly absorbed in the moment. You may get bored of ‘anything and everything’ but I certainly haven’t and very much doubt I will. As for fulfilling desires and pleasure the thing that gives me the greatest pleasure is nature and that just ‘is’. I don’t have to accomplish or create anything other than step outside to appreciate that. You certainly are an interesting fella! Haha!

hey man good conversation. interesting to get insight into your perspective. i love to dig down deep with folks where nobody gets offended or defensive and then angered

and if time has no sense of time, then i can have an eternity in the 15 minutes im in my now. then i can come back to the terrestrial and get stuff done and accomplished- maybe such as art, music, creative thought

Man doesn’t have the answers, maybe never will and you question our existence and the purpose of our being here which is what I find myself doing all the time so it makes for an interesting chat.

I also agree that it is possible to have an eternity in 15 minutes in those ‘now’ moments. That’s the beauty of them! I look forward to your next deep post and you can rest assured that I’m beyond being offended!


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