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DAILYS: March 15, 1998

march 15, 1998 a leader is the first person to blow his horn in the sepulveda pass tunnel... sun microsystems has java commercials on network primetime TV... i got duke in the ncaa's...   
imagine my eyes when I first saw we can do what we want god made me, the sundays
march 7, 1998 one thing cool about those "meet a wife" type services is the pictures of all the different kinds of girls in the world. GIRLS can also be accessed thru LINKS, MISC, GIRLS... i digs checkin' out not only the different looks & styles, but the names and physical sizes of the girls on this planet... very few things can move me like the female gender does march 5, 1998 a good grocery store should be nearby, open 24 hours, clean and well lit. it should provide good/smart service & food. it should have a minmum of 3 cute girls as customers or employees per visit. it should also have multi-aisle open discussions about the pittsburgh steelers and parliament funkadelic, neither of which i started but enjoyed very much. must have been my jersey and hat, respectively...cosmic (not just) knee deep pump up for the J&PTracy connection for some serious serious p-funk music (& pizza)- funkadelic: rocky moutain shakedown, 1992 triangle records pycd 072 (live in denver, 1976) & funkadelic: live meadowbrook, rochester, michigan, westbound records cdsewd 108 (live 9/12/71)... the mothership has landed and the funk has been spread far & wide, i say we stir in some theory and see what it tastes like... its gonna be funky like hughes market (van nuys & burbank) march 3, 1998 i know im bringing this out way too early, but im too excited and way too proud of thesisUNIVERSE to keep it to myself. i even took all the pictures. if i don't loose intrest, i think it could be a book... february 25, 1998 on monday i attended a very exclusive premeire of our movie "caught up". the movie is cool cause even though i don't like "ghetto gangsta" movies, i adjusted my thinking to understand that some of the stuff was meant to be laughed at. all the movie's stars and other celebs were there, it was cool...the after party was at billboard live and it was bumpin'!! very attractive, outgoing, positive crowd with personality (95% black with a few WGs), very good music and folx was groovin'. when black folx party right, it is very good and this was one of those times... the working title for my new inspiration is "THESIS UNIVERSE" it will be a good logical look at who and why we are... february 10, 1998 go to las vegas, don't gamble, have a good time...downtown vegas fremont street experience is country as hell, but the light and audio show is still very cool. lady luck's buffet rates a c-, but has all-u-can eat crab legs...ceasar's palace really impressed me- very cool place to hang out, lotsa shops, people (girl) watching, talking statues and other attractions to see...the virtual reality ride "race for atlantis" is very, very good. 3D glasses with a wireless stereo for surround sound built-in...i found the text of a astronomy book on the web...i just printed chapter 1- 27 to go... from information comes knowledge, from knowledge understanding- and understanding is the key to every lock in the universe. -i just made that up... january 30, 1998 as one may have noticed, my inspiration to write the dailys has faded. but has given way to yet another inspiration, call it an evolution of sorts...fasten your safety belts and stay tuned to pfunk1...
george clinton and the parliament funkadelic march 26 * billboard live hollywood, CA
january 21, 1998 work in progress...


january 20, 1998 there was a problem with the network today and i made the call to shut it down. our MIS, novell tech support (on phone 3+ hours) and another platinum novell engineer all worked very hard (and very good) together and finally got it going right after we commited to staying all night and rebuilding the userbase by hand. i like the way quentin tarantino showcases the human element in relativity simple plots as in jackie brown , stereotypes and all... physicists believe there are 8 ideas of quantum reality ... young quarterbacks & young girls, kordell will be back and so will the pittsburgh steelers...go elway!!!  
besides, she's white ordell robee, from the movie jackie brown
january 9, 1998 one of our corporate executive's ("i just saved this company 5 million dollars") used his cellular to call his assistant ("where's my 17" monitor?") who in turned paged me to tell me that he was at the airport in a line two places behind george clinton. a little later i got another page and she told me he had got me an autograph. this is why i love my job and the people i work with so much. i was moved not so much by the autograph, but by the thought and actions of my co-workers. and i couldn't wait to tell my mother & father who after 20 years have grown to acknowledge this p-funk stuff... january 7, 1998 alana davis' cd "blame it on me" is VERY, VERY, VERY good. the sundays' cd "the blind" is another good one. talked/begged/charmed my way out of a speeding ticket today on the 170 north just before sherman way...the syquest sparq 1.0 gig drive "light my fire" ad campaign which features the eyes and the frenchbraids of a black girl is cool... the movie "contact" inspired me to be up at 2am that night drawing sketch2 (cleaned-up version i did the next day). i want to take some physics classes... january 5, 1998 i spent new year's eve alone, doing my '95 & '96 taxes, this time without cheating. now there are absolutely no more lies in my life. then i quietly slipped into 1998 with my experiences of 1997, listening to "make my funk the p-funk" and with a deep heart felt excitement for the coming year that made me smile...a month worth of ketchup: p-funk concert, steeler-cardinal game, jerry's famous deli (pasadena & encino), rasputin russian bistro (ventura blvd, encino), company x-mas party (gotham hall, santa monica), tournament of roses parade, traffic school, a very good bucket of fries from robin's resturant (rosemead blvd, pasadena) ... december 3, 1997 my father left a message on my machine saying "somehow" he "put some numbers in" and got to my webpage, he then began reading the daily about me dropping the ceo's libretto..."now everyone's gonna know"... my company's x-mas party is gonna be at gotham hall (3rd st promenade, santa monica) "music, billiards and dancing till midnight" november 26, 1997 today it paid to have a digital camera; rainbow.jpg , rainbow1.jpg - and if i take back the 13" color TV and the portable cd player i may be able to keep it...hey! maybe with my comdex expense check i can get a better one...it is the holidays, ain't it? november 23, 1997 today: the first pittsburgh steeler regular season game in probably 5 seasons i didn't either attend or watch on television. friday: everything i did was irritatingly difficult. saturday: dropped & broke a brand-new toshiba libretto...ceo's personal- if everyday was like this heaven would be something to look forward too.. november 16, 1997 the keynote address to open comdex fall '97 was setup just like a tv info-mercial. the crowd was ultra square, unfunky, not so much nerdy- but very, very generic...are these my peers? PFUNK1-ON-COMDEX november 10, 1997 the first thing my 9 yr old daughter did when she 3-way called me from ohio was to properly introduce me to her girlfriend on the other line. then she told me her brother's football team had won the championship and he was playing sega. i bowled a whole game standing on the floor by rolling the ball onto the lane while dancin/talkin during my co. bowling party at bayshore bowl (pico, santa monica). earlier that evening i won $500 for throwing a turkey (3 strikes in a row), $20 on the side and 1 (best style) of the 3 trophys given... 
im not conceited- by no means, i just know what im capable of funkadelic
november 5, 1997 aol messenger lets non-aol internet users send instant messages to aol users, and its free...awhile back i noticed an interesting "thought of the day" type calendar on a co-workers desk and i asked her about it. she gave me the book "the celestine prophecy" and i read the first few chapters- it was very good. out of the blue she gave me today's thought and it moved and excited me cause it put into words something that i do/feel and try to explain to others... i consider this a MAJOR affirmation of my philosophy right down to the word hedonistic...    "the first step in sending energy to others is to keep our own energy high then we start the flow of energy coming into us, through us, and into the other person. the more we appreciate their wholeness, their inner beauty, the more the energy flows into them, and naturally, the more that flows into us. its really a rather hedonistic thing to do. the more we can love and appreciate others, the more the energy flows into us. thats why loving and energizing others is the best possible thing we can do for ourselves." commentary on the 8th insight, the celestine prophecy november 3, 1997 i should have known that we were in for a different level of service when my sample of tuna jerky was handed to me bare handed- however, it was still very good just like the fish & chips, fried clams, and sauteed fish at the seafood resturant (mission bay, san diego). nothing like a gorgeous roof-off ride, good food, and a nice outdoor nap in the grass on a blanket with a good friend- on my way home from doing laundry i found a nice spot (overlooking JPL of all places), mounted my binoculars on a camera tripod i just happen to have in my trunk and viewed a magnificient moon, mars, venus and jupiter...venus is the very bright southwestern object... the sundays CD "static and silence" is another very good contributor to my white girl music infatuation, i noticed it because of the very cool picture of the moon on the cover... october 30, 1997 when they realized they forgot my order at Fab's (van nuys blvd, sherman oaks) they also remembered i was the guy that the roof leaked on the last time we were there. when i did get my pizza it was very good and everybody was so cool there it was fun. the music to two of the intel pentium processor and a microsoft commercial is "play that funky music whiteboy" by wild cherry, "love rollercoaster" ohio players and "shining star" earth-wind & fire, respectively- all were favorite songs of mine in elementry & junior high school. i like to see that the industry i love is as funky & aggressive as the IBM dennis leary lotus domino commercials; work the web... where do you wanna go today? october 27, 1997 the atmosphere, service, menu selections and food preparation at sid's seafood house (roscoe blvd, canoga park) are A++, the bland tasting food and the hard complimentry bread gets a C at best...i probably pay for half of the meals mentioned in the dailys, i got very social friends and family. pizza hut's new pizza "the edge," is thin crust, cut in squares and quite tasty (i got extra sauce, mushrooms, sausage, pepperoni & black olives). october 22, 1997 lust is my favorite sin, then gluttony. i vowed last year that i wood go to comdex '97 (nov 17-21, las vegas), i got approval today. the very sour & doughy (and complimentry) bread, the free-refills of diet coke and the antipasta salad at Fab's italian kitchen (van nuys blvd, sherman oaks) are all very, very good. the sausage & peppers hero sandwich is ok, but their pizza looked better- and i didn't even mind when the roof started to leak air condition water on me... october 21, 1997 happy birthday to "the one that broke my heart." i can still feel you jackie and i remember all the fun we had; santa cruz, SF, san diego, phx, vegas, late night avicom, teriyaki steak, olive garden, safari bar, etc... the hot wings, greens and fries at wings & things II (colton) were ok, it was the hanging out in a black resturant in a black neighborhood that impressed me...sometimes a brutha forgets how much flava his people have...   
the rose we remember, the thorns we forget never as good as the first time, sade
october 15, 1997 the scarletts are a very funky white female r&b band (white girl funk thang) that play at cozy's (ventura blvd, sherman oaks) on wednesday nights. the bass player quickly remembered their gig at q's in pasadena when i saw them a couple years ago. their drummer also plays with tower of power, the same T O P that i couldn't scalp a ticket for in SF (i think i saw him). i told him that while we were hanging out between sets while he sold $3 bags of some pretty good peanut brittle (LilHermans@aol.com) that he makes himself... october 15, 1997 all pain or discomfort is a signal that something is wrong. recognizing this signal, identifying its true cause and then being able to eliminate or distance yourself from that cause is a major perk of understanding yourself. i stepped up and took ownership of my company's computer network before a very critical (movie release) time after two e-mail post offices and a server had crashed. everything had to be working by monday 5am or we could have lost a lot of money. the successfull completion of this project took me to a level i had never been before...ohio boy riding around so CA, roof-off, listening to funkadelic, staying at a company expensed hotel with the weight of a $150 million company's computer network on my shoulders... achieving and maintaining the intensity & focus, then coming down off the "high" and returning to my normal operating mode while still feeling the pressures and pleasures of my new self-appointed responsibility became to much- physically and mentally. my personality also became very intense, focused. i was in need of a way to release and relax...and im in the process of doing that now, its been almost 2 weeks and im just starting to feel like jeffery again... ketchup: there was not one ticket scalper outside the filmore for the tower of power / AWB concert in san francisco friday night, so i ate two of those designer pizza's and slepted in the car until my hosts returned. THANKS THANK THANKS to rick&kelly for another wonderful stay at the ranch and for the nice travel size bottle of lotion i accidently picked up... (not just) knee deep props to R-Dub for producing the first original song by PFUNK1; "i got floppy disks fallin' out my bag." the scientific revolution is a very cool store on universal city walk, the book "Stars and Planets" (j. ekrutt, barrons:1992) explains the motion of the earth and other planets and my position relative to other celestial objects in our solar system, galaxy and universe...
happiness isn't what you have but the ability to enjoy what you got toyota camry commercial
october 1, 1997 im very tense. jeffery couldn't even handle being jeffery today- ive been too intense, too aggressive, too focused- i left work early. i need to relax badly...maintaining this intensity feels unhealthy... i got my eye on the prize but i gotta remember having fun (funk) is part my goal and my philosophy...but i crave the intensity- its always all or nothing... september 29, 1997 on thursday i talked to the girl who "took me the highest" for the first time in 3 months. sunday, i talked to the girl who is "the best friend i ever had by far", it had been 7 months. i don't know where we're going, i just know im going aggressively and im taking no prisoners
everything&everybody jeffery 101
september 23, 1997 in a discovery channel documentary on big cats, a researcher described the easy-living, food plentiful life of a serengetti lion as a "spoiled southern california" existence...the manager cranked up the best of sade which just happened to be playing while i was waiting on some bbq chicken at the rack shack in old town pasadena...pasadena charter communications cable co had a high speed internet expo. hi-speed cable internet access: 56k baud upload, 256k download, 2 megs web space, e-mail, cable-modem with ethernet; $100 setup-$50/month...i pay $30 for an extra phone line and $20 for access at 28.8K now each month, got a cool msnbc pin too... september 22, 1997 valley ranch wood pit BBQ (sherman way, van nuys) has decent BBQ chicken. zangkok chicken's (sepulveda blvd) roasted bird ain't bad either. the airtel plaza hotel's (van nuys) complimentary breakfast buffet was good enough to eat all three days i was there, the swimming pool is nice too... i may have been wrong about venus being the bright object in the west, it could be saturn... september 13, 1997 jimmy hamilton & the sai whatt band was so good at my babysitter's (30 years ago) social club's fund raiser friday night that i went and saw them again on saturday at the main event (la brea, inglewood). masa- the japanese dude on lead guitar is featured on a pretty mean cover of purple rain by prince. the music and dancing is really sensual when black people party. more ketchup: the #5 theater at edwards cinema in west covina is so steep that the top of the seat in front of me was down at my feet and the center of the screen was at eye level. in the movie event horizion, the antagonist explains that his machine can put two seperate instances of space and time together by folding space time on top of itself. he also threw in other good stuff like singularty, space is curved/warped, etc... as soon as a movie deviates to far from reality and believeablity i loose respect for it, when that happens i can't enjoy it...his concept was understandable but maybe not possible... september 6, 1997 been bizzy, ketchup time: my steelervsdallas review. the bright object low in the west is venus. the bartender at the robin hood british pub (burbank blvd, van nuys) played some good tunes on the jukebox but i had to play stuff off the best of sade and alanis cds. she was also very, very friendly til 2am when the bar closed and she wanted us out of there. the fettucini alfredo at the cheesecake factory (marina del rey) is ok, but the buffalo wings, sourdough bread, and lemonade are perspectively better... august 29, 1997 the fettucini alfredo at ToTo's on sepulveda blvd in van nuys is very good. good positive funky dance music at Q's in oldtown pasadena on thursdays, crowd is cute, in the twentys and very fun to dance with. the guitarist on the patio upstairs there was so funny i tipped him $5... august 26, 1997 i employ a hedonistic philosophy in which playing and pleasure are as important as working and discipline. i also strive to achieve harmony with everything i come in contact with. the result is success in life and i celebrate this success with the dance.
i am the subliminal seducer, i will never dance sir nose d'voidoffunk
august 25, 1997 every year a bunch of guys make a pilgramage to las vegas and when they get there they place some cards on a table and then each picks one. if you pick the coveted ace, you get the right to pick the first (and best) player in their fantasy football league draft. the tropicana (all you can eat crab legs) is good, but even with the hour wait the mirage (asian ribs) has probably vegas' best buffet. the tropicana pool area is a very good people watching spot. after i let everybody in vegas know who picked the ace, i made packer qb bret farve the # 1 pick in the HAI FFL draft. i picked-up his receivers brooks & freeman later... august 20, 1997 the bright star to the east is jupiter. laurnea's CD "betta listen" has a few really-really good moments- august 16, 1997 guitar heaven is a cool little shop on sunset. it was my duty to inform my 18 yr old cousin that the 405 north / 10 east / 110 north- santa monica to pasadena trek is the toughest sequence of freeways & interchanges i've ever seen. she didn't know, she'd never driven on a CA freeway before our return home from venice beach (white girls are everywhere) today. another sharp & articulate cousin out of the clear blue asked "do girls like you?" i could do nothing but smile at the 5 yr old princess... august 11, 1997 beach front parking is free in the lot at the ends of bicknell & bay st (see 7/15) afterwork on weekdays, and the sun sets very nicely behind the santa monica pier...i had a 15 second face to face with a skunk, it was close, but he flinched first- august 10, 1997 50% of the dailys are written az if they are to this little girl i know- inspiration this good is hard to find, thanx- gorls for no more, now girls it shall be! 
the more i fall, the more you let go "bittersweet" , meshell n'degeocello
august 7, 1997 the scarletts are a white female r&b band that i heard do a cover of flashlight by parliament a couple of years ago. they play at cozy's bar & grill (ventura blvd, sherman oaks) on wednesdays, but tonight it was the blues band johnny o. nice place, good sound, pool tables, crowd seemed mostly lower to mid 20's in age...it was cool- the universe now!! this is my kinda site... august 4, 1997 i think i may have had the best week of my life... and there were no exchanges of any kind of bodily fluids- great lunch dates, many good conversations, intellectual exchanges, and new personal relationships, a lithuanian gorl, 2 good concerts & backstage party with funkadelic, a colordao river boat ride, a very funny gorl from las vegas i met in the laughlin flamingo hilton casino, and a good- challenging-motivating job with a gang of fun & attractive folx... july 26, 1997 the vegetarian thai pasta at the warehouse in marina del rey has the deepest, richest cheddar cheese sauce i have ever tasted- but a very generic classic r&b band... july 25, 1997 i personally gave my opinion on a movie trailer to the director of a major motion picture- a wave to play with july 22, 1997 dinah's (san fernando rd, burbank) has the world's best fried chicken july 21, 1997 mirage is a very good christian pop/rock band consisting of two of my co-workers and wife. good performance tonight at universal's city walk, but it wasn't enough to win the competition. maybe if dean would have remembered the sponsors name...funkier than i expected, good lyrics and melodys, soothing singable feel good groove music ... props to the palacio's, dean & tony- july 19, 1997 VERY good people watching at gladstone's 4 fish, universal city walk... good window seat with no waiting around 4pm. fried seafood plate, diet coke, bread- all very tasty. nice after dinner ride up ventura blvd to balboa lake for some early-evening outdoor shoes-off relaxation and conversation. my buddy had a frisibee, i think i threw it once- lunch for 2, tip, parkiing: $52
minimum waste, maximum joy "smooth operator" , sade
july 18, 1997 sarah maclachan's new CD has AOL on the disk... check out RAW, sum'n new under THEORIES july 17, 1997 authentic el salvadoran food at mi casita salvadorena in van nuys- my garlic fish was served with my butter knife completely hidden under it- rice was good too, should have got the fruity drink... july 15, 1997 parking with ocean view, beach, grass area, bathroom, good people traffic, walking distance to santa monica pier: bay st between ocean & ocean front 
jeffery: life is funny jackie: yeah, but everybody ain't laughin'1993
july 11, 1997 the hot links at dr hogly wogly's in van nuys are too soft- ribs are good and they give you extra sauce, the bread is real good... july 9, 1997 before the special screening of the movie "Suicide Kings" with christoper walken and dennis leary in old town pasadena this afternoon, the movie's director announced we will be seeing the raw "work cut"- funny, witty & entertaining movie with good, very likable characters- i missed the raw parts... july 8, 1997 the encino franchise of the hamburger place islands has valet parking... and the #3 ranked franchise french fries, (#1 In-N-Out, #2 McDonald's) july 6, 1997 it cost $25 to park for 6 hours at san francisco's fisherman's wharf. riding BART ('frisco's subway) is fun. even with fog/clouds a 18th floor SF downtown roof top view is nice, the cheapy $16 bay cruise is very hypnotic, good seafood alfredo at dante's on pier 39. it is good to have friends who can not only supply 1st class accomadations, but who also make very good tour guides...thanx rick & kelly, it was very nice. i think i love seeing the golden gate bridge because it is man made... july 1, 1997 i thank the chicago bulls and my co-worker for the free lunch at benihana's in encino today, the shrimp was very tasty...i restate my 6/24 comment about the people excersing, jogging, and rollerblading down at the rose bowl- a diverse and very, very attractive crowd... june 29, 1997 at first i was totally disgusted and thought tyson should have been taken right from the ring to jail. im still up in the air about it. i was very impressed with the post fight interviews. evander and especially tyson's camp did good under the circumstances. my brothers were very, very upset but said absolutely nothing incriminating- even with good, agressive questioning by the commentator. my favorite line was by tyson when asked when he would address a certain question, "i addressed it in the ring" june 26, 1997 billboard live on sunset is kinda "gadgety", TV's in the wall outstide and in the floor, big screens showing videos, it was really dark inside too... zapp featuring roger was the headliner-
for the little gorl who took me the highest ... maybe the lateness of the hour, makes me seem bluer than i am- but over my heart there is a shower, hope she'll be happier with him "hope she'll be happier", sweetback
june 24, 1997 ok, i may be easily impressed. very good looking bunch of folx strolling around the rose bowl these days afterwork, the swarm of about 100 bikes is cool too, nice 3 mile lap- Sarah McLachan will be on AOL tomorrow ... june 23, 1997 sade's old band has a CD out under the name "sweetback", very nice- its cool to have a bartender buddy even when you don't drink alcohol, props to my man sky at the 35er in old town pasadena, good jukebox too- june 21, 1997 both of the employees i came in contact with at the pasadena target store openly complained about management, one even mentioned "union." good mac'n'cheese, greens, meat/sauce, music at the rack shack in old town pasadena, "best of sade" was in the CD rotation ... props to my computer guy neil @ nexcom in city of industry, i learned to re-attrib system files to allow the install of win'95 on a machine that already has NT server 4.0- june 20, 1997 cool, trendy crowd at hollywood park race track, at least in the "middle class" section. 6'8" 700lb sumo wrestlers, cheerleaders, $1 beer, club with band. nice box seats outside, good lighting, big tv screens- Harper's Bar & Grill (ave of the stars, century city) real nice also ...
life is good if your's ain't, its broke- fix it like you would your car
june 19, 1997 hey- i digs rollin' thru old town pasadena via the 134 fwy east's colorado blvd exit ... early evening, sun at my back, the whole street is lit up- makes for good viewing of the female population.
this is america , land of oppurtunity E-MAIL ME

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