Are We Witnessing The Crash Landing Of The Mothership?

I think saying “its all up to George” may be a cop out. It’s never only up to one person when a group or organization is involved. Hell, even Steve Jobs got fired from his own company and the President of the USA can’t just do what he wants to do. So if the shows are fucked up and raggedy and if the Mothership is cruising for a crash landing ain’t it up to all of us whether we are riding or watching to do or say something?20130816_224346

I mean c’mon, the shows are horrible! The music is goodish but the show is terrible if a “show” exists at all. This may work on the jamband circuit playing for white kids and hippies (and from the shows I have been to that’s who is buying most of the tickets). People who don’t dance on beat so if the groove is chaotic it don’t matter to them. People who just want to wear colored wigs, get wasted, party and say they were felt-up or smoked weed at a  George Clinton “P-Funk” show.

For some of us this is like church. It is sacred. P-Funk once had integrity. Within all the foolishness and silliness there was an integrity. What is left now? A bunch of people jumping around and screaming on stage? Some of us know what a tight groove feels like and when an instrument hits that certain funk spot. When singing is orchestrated and practiced and rehearsed and sound checked to get that special blend that moves you. (And at the least so you can understand and recognize the song and what the hell is being sung).

I don’t get it, or maybe I do. Or maybe I ain’t suppose to. And before you attack me cause I hurt your feelings being critical about the band you love so much let me say I know I am just a fan with a website and a Facebook page with a few followers. A fan who has followed this band for 35+ years and have been to hundreds of shows and have stood by it and will continue to stand by this band for the rest of my life. I love every member of this band even the ones and parts I don’t like.

I’m going to the shows and its getting worse and worse. And I’m not the only one who feels this way I just may be the one who is going to be vocal about it. Unlike the days of Myspace and “The One Nation” discussion board folks can’t anonymously post critical opinion and most people shy away from doing that with their name on it. But fuck it, I cant go out like that.

If the Mothership is crash landing and if it is to be believed Mr Clinton is in control and knows what he is doing and its up to him if the P-Funk legacy goes out like a junkie in a back alley thats a story I aint buying and even if its true I will not accept.

How can this organization expect respect with what they are doing? I believe this band has the talent to sell out stadiums still, but talent and resources are simply being squandered. I believe the industry wants desperately for P-funk to return to greatness but fuck, some kind of internal effort has to be demonstrated first. I believe if effort was put in to improve the show, or even have a show or be some kind of entertainment the demand from fans, venues, industry people, writers, reviews, etc would greatly improve.

But fuck, when the band comes out on stage like they just woke up with no fanfare, no introduction even no fuckin “are you ready,” I mean at least turn off the lights and let the crowd get excited in anticipation while the band comes on stage. Let alone wearing some kind of costumes or dress as if it is a band and not some people from the crowd who decided to walk on stage.

The Sir Nose Flashlight part means nothing anymore. Set that shit up with some dialogue. Mr Payne is one of the best voices I’ve ever heard why ain’t he setting up the scenario? Where is the Bop Gun? Even the homemade one made out of foil? I love Carlos doing his thing but in context it means nothing if the story line ain’t set up and exploited.

Is it me? Am i missing something? A leader is also a motivator and not the one who is suppose to do it all. At least inspire or delegate someone to do it. Simple ass things that don’t require money or a special producer, just simple effort! Is George Clinton anti-effort? Does he say don’t nobody do shit? No costumes, no fanfare. Is it his idea to have the perception of a band that doesn’t care?

And just because he is George Clinton does that mean he can scream shout singing and we suppose to say its ok? He is older (not old), his voice is shot and it is not pleasant hear. That doesn’t make him a bad person or mean that I dont like him, that’s a fact. He misses  the beat and rhythms at times and are we suppose to feel blessed to suffer through this because of his legacy? I don’t think so. I don’t worship the preacher i worship the philosophy, the establishment and the tradition. If the preacher is fucking up it don’t mean we got to kick him out the church it just means he gotta step to the side and lead from another position. Give the man some help for God sake!!!

Old School Funkfest at The Greek: And then came “George Clinton and Friends.” LOL I have to admit I’m sort of glad the name  “Parliament Funkadelic” was not on the ticket. I love the band and the legacy and all the musicians and am and will be down with P-Funk for the rest of my life. But what the fuck.

Not only did George Clinton and friends not start with any fanfare or introduction, it was like they started on accident! I thought they were sound checking and the next thing I know Mr Clinton is on stage screaming Atomic Dog. Now I done seen this band over 100 times and I didn’t even know what was going on so I know the crowd was completely lost. Opening like this deflated me, and they lost me. I would bet most of the crowd didnt even know the man in the suit hollering was the rainbow haired guy they came to see. I bet they didn’t even know what song was being played until about 2 minutes into it.

The crowd sang the hell out of knee deep until they lost interest. You cant play a 20 minute knee deep that dont sound like the radio version with this crowd. It was about this time that the crowd started to hit the exits.

Let alone the release of new music. The proclaimed Masters of Funk ain’t released a funk record in about 2 decades and the recent release “The Naz” featuring Sly Stone delivering a rap he “borrowed” 40 years ago over a loop ain’t worthy of a “FU” let alone “Funk” an forget “Funkadelic.”




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