Black, But Not Like That

20150416_045335the distinction between “protesters” and “rioters” is only the beginning. just because you black does that mean we are all in for the same experience? those of you paying 25% in taxes gonna one day realize you have nothing in common with the protesters but sympathy.
just because you black that doesn’t mean i feel or identify with you or your plight. at some point there are class distinctions within our race that will separate us. i don’t identify with your plight and your message does not resonate with me no matter how black we both are.

seeing the “protesters” and black people on the streets of Ferguson and Baltimore I simply do not identify with them at all…

No it’s compassion. I totally understand the outrage from these people’s desperation. They are being left behind to die out. And yes, I don’t seem to have any compassion for them. It’s a natural part of life and evolution. For whatever reason they ended up on that side having been dealt those cards.

The shootings are not random. And the chances of it happening to anybody is very low.

It ain’t in the design for all of us to make it

i believe just how the Neanderthals and other forms of “humans” or homo sapiens died out so will this process continue. and its continuing before our very eyes.
unfortunately the murdered part is just a side a side plot (and there is some evidence that they were murdered out) if all the police left them alone they would still die out. for whatever reason they cannot assimilate into the productive society anymore. this happened over generations. who’s fault is that is a whole other discussion.

i didn’t say “better than” and thats what YOU believe that it can happen to you at any time. so im the crazy one for thinking that it is unlikely to happen to me just because im black? to me THATS THE BACKWARDS THINKING! you wanting to be black in that class of people when the chances are that you are not!!

its like you wish you were in that class. the way i talk and the way i carry myself distinguishes me from that. now, class or not there are a few people out there who will do me harm regardless and thats a very small percentage that we will always have. but to walk around thinking you are a target because you are black does not compute with me. now if im black and i act up if im black or not i get what i get

the disenfranchised “class.” but regardless you thinking just because you are black you are a target makes no sense to me. NOW being black and in the disenfranchised “class” is different- and im not saying if you are in that class you should get your ass kicked- im saying there is a big difference from the people protesting in Ferguson and me

and it aint we all black, black is not monolithic

There are always repercussions. And I’m not saying the police or authorities are always right. I’m saying there is a personal responsibility that is being over looked by the supporters of these “victims.” The system is not perfect, nor is it out to get anyone specifically based on race- class maybe but not so much race anymore.

And again I don’t condone the killing, but just like people understand the outrage, I can “understand” the events that led to the killing

my thing is this, of all the people i see “protesting” i don’t see anyone who i identify with or that could possibly be part of my family or people i associate with. their words don’t resonate and they sound like excuses and a blame game.

LOL and thats probably the bigger smaller issue, but it’s slowly changing. black people speaking up and “separating” themselves from other black people based on other criteria. its hard for y’all to accept that being from the hood don’t mean you still in the hood. it’s a whole other mentality and behavior- “protesters” and not “rioters” is just the beginning.

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