Black Folks Losing Their Minds

20150821_174413some black folks are losing their racially motivated minds screaming racism every time the wind blow and then somehow using slavery as a justification but ya know slowly very slowly white people even the ultra liberal “we are the same” ones are starting to push back more and more as some folks are going way too far…

first off racism is NOT white supremacy. racism is an aspect of white supremacy, so there are black folks so against racism that they are as racist as the people they are accusing!!

but the beautiful bottom to this is the dialogue! we and everybody is talking race!! so its just a matter of time before we come to some sort of better understanding. sure racism exists and it always will, but the crazy high profile events that make the news are NOT the instances black folks should to be using to fight “white supremacy.” how about high profile cases of degreed black folks being denied upwardly mobile opportunities? NO!! you know why? because they are boring and the people who would be directly affected by such an ism are out bustin’ their ass making it and not focusing on the barrier. funk that barrier we gonna make it regardless!!! you know who is focused on the racial barrier? the one’s being left behind without degrees and education and the means and or disposition to become part of the accepted and working classes. because yes, you have to work and not only bust your ass you have to kiss some ass too!!!

and no it aint fair and no it will never be

why don’t we just admit that we ALL are a tad racisty? hell, i ain’t shy about mine no more. black, white, yellow, brown, green or purple!! i’ll stereotype ya’ and put you in a category either to rob me, landscape my yard, solve a math problem or dance off beat!!

we are at a point of hysteria now where if a white person is involved in any kind of action with a black person it’s racism. And the white person is evil and hates all black people just because they are black.


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