Brooks Project Band (20130322) LIVE Webcast Technical Notes

jefferytv-logo-smallishThe technical strategy is successful. Using properly positioned MXL microphones with USB interface to laptop, capturing high quality audio recording of event was very good. There was no soundboard or central public address system and many amps but was able to properly capture event. Using High-Definition Microsoft Life Cam Google Play / YouTube Live broadcast I was able to webcast above average video quality. Also this strategy allowed me to use the high quality audio captured via the USB / MXL mics for the broadcast while capturing highly quality audio stereo .wav file.

This technical plan is solid. In this situation the only issue was the venue did not have WiFi or an internet connection. Amazingly I was able to use outdoor Time Warner WiFi (free cause I have Time Warner cable at home) as an internet connection. The signal would vary greatly and this affected video quality produced noise glitches in the audio. A solid internet connection and this strategy should be flawless. Also very happy with quality of audio that was broadcast.

Was able to continuously stream for 2 hour at a time and later download these videos as mp4 files. Was able to embed the video player for live broadcast directly  into webpages immediately and during streaming of show.

Very very happy with results.

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