the diversity of people, the craziness, hollywood, music, creativity, being in the mecca of the entertainment business- but being able to have a job outside of it. it don’t snow. its liberal in a sense of a social anything goes. the decadence of it- not las vegas decadent but close and far away enough from vegas!!! its a hustle out here and i like the somewhat chaos that hustle can present. some of the biggest opportunities can be found in chaos! LOL so many people are acting or playing a part to the point the part they are playing is real and viable. big city stuff but unlike NYC its spread out so you can drive and i love to drive and roadtrip. science and learning and the beaches and every time i go back home ain’t nothing like seeing places ive worked at or frequent on tv or in movies…


and as you prolly can tell i love to write and express. thats why there are times i long to have someone to express directly and deeper to. i get into it and the next thing i know ive written myself into a creative idea i like. i save and compile these writings. in L.A. as opposed to Ohio this is seen as normal. but i do love the no nonsenseness of ohio and how direct and tough and hard folks who grow up through winters can be. i also love the fatty meaty cheesey greasy foods back there!!

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