Cirque Du Soleil “Totem” – San Francisco, Ca

The last time I saw Cirque Du Soleil was probably in the 90’s, Las Vegas and Santa Monica if I recall correctly. I’ve always felt the experience to be tribal, cereberal and spiritual. The rhythms and acrobatic movements visually expressing what it is to be human with an energy and groove that resonates to my core. I have always loved Cirque Du Soleil.

Flash forward a decade to Cirque Du Soleil’s “Totem” at At&T Park in san Francisco, Ca and picture me blown the funk away. First of all every movement of the show was in ryhthm and every gesture was on a beat. Even the female Asian uniclyce team pedal balanced themselves on beat as they flipped bowls on each others heads. The rhythm itself took me to a higher place.

The music was performed by a live band amplified superbly with beautiful bass bottoms and the sweetest high delicate notes. The system was a surround sound so audio events stimulated me from everywhere.

The stage was multifunctionally ingenious. It moved, it raised, it opened. A projection system was used to transform the stage masterfully into a beach or an ocean or a whatever and with the surround sound you actually felt like you got wet.

This all took place in a big tent in the parking lot next to the baseball stadium. I can go on and on about the details of the performance, but the major is spiritual. It’s a modern tribalism and the shows are a celebration of humanity and life. The acrobatics is human beauty in motion and of the highest form of eye candy. Expressed in this movement is intended to be all of human emotions and experience. The energy and tone of the music feels religious and holy but in a modern celebratory secular way. Like spritaully ritualistic, before religion in a modern amplified way.

I’m very partial to groove and this show was one continous groove. There was always rhythm! A type of tribal trance music. A modern “pagan” celebration. The show is always entertaining, but for me it’s about being spiritually uplifted by celebrating the human spirit using modern tools, modern knowledges, modern art and modern technolgy to stimulate the senses and consciousness into higher and different understandings and perceptions of reality.

Another troupe that “tribal-trances” is Mutaytor (cause evolution takes too long). P-FUNK concerts are the ultimate spiritual exercise for me, and I “learned” how to experience spiritually like this growing up in the black church, but I understand the use of things that are more mainstream in nature.

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