Conviction And Criminal Record Free

I feel you man but having a criminal history matters to me. If you decide that’s the game you want to play in, that’s what will come your way. And it doesn’t bother me if the police go bopzilla on a person with a criminal history, I say take out the garbage. And the rare instance it happens mistakenly to a law abiding citizen is collateral damage I can live with.

Did ya notice ALL the incidents in the past few years involved people with a criminal history? (let alone they were possibly resisting arrest).

If you don’t like the effect, don’t produce the cause…

And in my personal experience it DOESN’T happen to anyone. Police ain’t stupid they know who they are putting it on- the people breaking into your house or selling dope to your kids.

and the collateral damage im talking about mostly comes in the form of annoying traffic stops or police checking a person out maybe just because they were black. its when the situation escalates that injury and death become a part of it. it is this escalation by those with a criminal history thats in the news as Obama says every other week. its a war out there and i aint on the criminals side- as they say ALL is fair in love and war…

i feel you mr davis and that’s your choice. BUT i do hold in account a person’s past and especially a past with a criminal record. sure people can improve and i’m not saying everybody with a record should be kicked off the planet, but i am saying don’t for one second think you should have the same opportunity as i do having that criminal record and i don’t.

i’m not playing anything. it may work that way in some utopia, but on this planet, in this life its up to the individual to figure out how to survive and accept whatever comes his way- be it fair or unfair

its not to that degree. its how you carry yoursel20150428_152846-1f if you get your ass kicked or not. if you have a criminal history you should not expect to be given the same opportunities that someone who does not have one. if you out there engaging in certain activity if you are a saint or a sinner, life has a way of pushing back at ya

HOLD UP Y’ALL!! im not saying ANYBODY should get beat up by the police!!! BUT there is a way to avoid it!!! Yall acting like there is a 90% chance you will get a police beatdown just because you are black!!! THAT IS NOT THE CASE!!!! im saying its more than just being black!!! its being black AND a criminal and acting out

thats another thing “IF” aint no IF i worked so that there ain’t no IF. ITS NO ACCIDENT I DONT HAVE A CONVICTION!!!!!! and it started generations ago in my lineage!!!!!! “IF” MY ASS!!!!! LOL

but it comes a point when the individual has to accept the responsibility of being in that position. like i said, was he on his way to work, school or church? i doubt it

people act like its ok to have a conviction!!! ITS NOT!!!

how you gonna run from the police? we don’t know what happened yet. BUT im not saying anyone should die or be killed. but if you stay out of the pool you wont get wet.

and im saying it aint no luck, i am a product of a couple generations of work. it aint no accident

felony? maybe none. and its not about committing the act, im not saying lets all be saints- its how you do your dirt and how you handle it. you can be the biggest criminal in the world if you can afford the lawyers and carry yourself a certain way that you get respect. if you have a criminal history or arrest record and you carry it around on your shoulder for all to see that’s how people are going to treat you.

IT AIN’T HARD TO STAY OUT OF TROUBLE!!! (if that’s your true intention)

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