Damn Damn Good

20150924_153945i feel good. damn damn good. and basically for no reason other than i got a bunch of sleep and am well rested. and breakfast.
i’m going to start taking care of my glasses. i’m tired of having scratched lenses and bent frames. no more putting my glasses straight in my book’bag pouch or maybe even in my pocket. going to start using the case from now on. plus like underwear, i’m going to spend the money to always have a good fresh pair and if they get scratched or marked i won’t try to wear them anyways…

the scale said 219.8 this morning. yeah, im surprised. though the 2 bowls of ice cream and cookies i had were like before 4pm and i didn’t eat again after that i don’t think and i didnt nap but went to bed early like at 8, up at 545 though well rested.

work is busy naturally for a monday the challenge excites me and usually after two days of deadly sinning and returning to work i need ibuprofen. i haven’t taken diet pills in awhile. hmmmmm…

i need to put them black and milds down. i don’t smoke before or during work though.¬†for whatever reason i feel better when i ride the train to work. having this car is making me soft. having disposable income is also. im use to scrappin’ and scraping and may even prefer that lifestyle to some extent. im not into extravagance in fact i might not even be into having the necessities. i seem to thrive off toughing it out with the bare minimum. soooooo its interesting being able to afford things i really don’t need but which make life “easier” and softer. like the gigabit router i bought. i didn’t need the extra speed or stronger connection, but damn its nice having it and i can see the difference. now some stuff was “necessity” like the new fridge or the electronic drums for the studio and mic stands and headphones and DI boxes and the laptop and external hard drives and new shirts, pants, sneakers, sandals and socks. but driving to work is a convenience im not really feeling especially with traffic. i feel more energized and alive when i publicly commute. oh yeah and video editing software and my new samsung galaxy 6. the necessities.
look for the bear necessities. i remember my mother took me to see jungle book AND i had the album and i wore it out. she also took me to see james brown and smokey robinson on separate occasions.

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