Early Conversation With A Potential Soulmate…

wow wow wow! capable and creative!! don’t shrug that off as nothing because everybody ain’t or can’t be that. i think i have come to an understanding about the limited time thing. as when i was younger it would frustrate me to the point i would get discouraged and not get anything done. now i can think in longer time periods and will start something just to get something started.

and over time revisit it to put a little more work in. but you are right working takes 40+ hours and sleep hopefully another 40+ a week. but enough about time in this context, i hope we will revisit the idea of time in a deeper sense and it’s relation to “is.” it is what it is and it’s all we got. all that we have is the all that we got and would you say even with the stupendous achievements of our species we have only experienced say 10% of what is? 30%? and i’m referring to the “space” we have “physical” access to or can observe. anyways you can probably tell i am at work. you may also begin to realize i might have just eaten and am in pleasant enjoyment of the euphoria that sometimes comes with it. life and everything can feel disturbingly good to me at times. so good that i think things cannot be this “perfect” and good. i have to be missing something! LOL

me? i sing for fun and record myself and put it in my music and it’s ok and well ok some of it probably could be good enough. i know a lot of musician and singers who really know how to sing and my competitive nature makes me compare myself to them so i know “my place.” meaning i know the things i do best and dare i say better than anybody!! YES there is at least one thing i do better than anybody and that’s be jeffery. nobody has got what jeffery has. and nobody can or ever will. (we are all unique and nobody can do us better than we can do ourselves). the key being i love the jeffery i have designed and built. maybe also why i love being “old” or older. it takes experience to master anything and experience takes time. no way i could be here in my 20s, my 30s were surprisingly “better” than my 20s because i had more power, freedoms and independence. when i entered my 40s a solid foundation had been built and tested. and i began to fully exploit and execute my capability without the fears our social environment warns us of. thinking the be careful flying to close to the sun stuff may just be a myth and we are here to fly as high and fast as we can even if it kills us. all that being said if that is what is in one’s core. people are wired differently and that the universe for it. diversity diversity diversity!!! one cool thing i liked about getting old is how much i appreciate the things i don’t understand and the things and people who disagree with me. the places i haven’t been and the things i don’t know play a major part in my life. it’s all about exploration and discovery.

i see the words you write and the way you put them together and i am intrigued. “soulmate?” way way way too early to tell but i am encouraged that the idea is out there. oh me? singer? dance? write? all as an amateur and hobbyist i guess is a good way to put it. i’m a computer guy who went ape shit crazy when he realized 20 years ago that the internet would be a uncensored platform for my thoughts and ideas. let alone thinking it would turn into the information resource it is. you might have noticed i love to write and type and when i get into a flow it is a good feeling. ideas thoughts knowledge experience meld and intertwine in a myriad of ways and i can record it one way or another digitally. a soulmate would be someone i could communicate sharing, receiving and communicating like this. ok, lunchtime!!! gotta go get my steps in, downtown los angeles!!! woo hoo!!!!

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