Enjoying Feeling Challenged

1014962_10153063240957125_3340897396544832780_o (1)Training wheels coming off.
Being challenged and it’s been awhile.
Game step up, turn it on time.
I’m not use to being not the best.
Makes me work at it harder.

I compare myself to the best one from the very instant I start.

To the point they can smell it on me how hard I go at it to be on the level with the best

Especially when I have respect for what I am doing and a part of.

Feels like no time to breathe. But it’s a self inflicted pressure that has to be monitored. There has to be a balance to prevent burn-out.But when I’m going after it being inside it my focus and concentration levels can take me thru the roof. It’s good to be challenged at this level. Sometimes the drive and struggle doesn’t feel good, and even that’s good. Turn it up its go time for real…

What makes it self pressurized is the magnitude of the opportunity. The significance of being in a very particular situation and the impact success will have on your life.

Maintaining an intensity and focus while understanding sociability and likeability factor into your grade. The are times when you can be too good and know too much and this can be intimidating. The right balance of sensitivity, personality, intensity, determination and ambition…

Well at least I didn’t eat any sweets. Saturday night and this not good feeling of apprehension towards the upcoming challenging work week after tomorrow is an unpleasantly pleasant feeling to have. The super good $$$ seems to take a back seat to my feelings of being successful. And I think that a good thing. A little bit of “worry” is not only normal and necessary but could and should be a positive influence. Taking a break from my usual “I’m jeffery” level confidence is refreshing. The billions of years of evolution in us is a beautiful thing… Us having worry ain’t no accident


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