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Whats up man “catch you slippn'” I never thought about it like that I was more focused on that idea of who “they” is as my son is caught up in all that gangsta glam as is many many other (black) kids I see everyday spoortin’ a hard tough mentality. But just let me say also I thought your rhyme to be very good, tight and creative and the “inside the club” line all but blew me away just as the creativity of these kids does but when they start talking that gangsta bullshit to me its wasted thats just a personal opinion like i tell my son you are promoting the killing of your own people would jesus do that? Cause the people in the suburbs are buying the music where the folks in the hood are living it. 

And also the “ain’t they we” is a song title waiting to be written and I believe its mine as I thought it up so thank you for being a creative energy but back to my point that if we get rich by selling it to them it really comes back to us yes i think i know what you mean by dumbed down and the idea of they but i thought about it and they is actually we!

As a side note i said the same thing when C-Kunsphrsy Children Of Production came out years ago gangstering it up under that name which i felt was sacred. So no man i wasn’t coming after you personally but the idea of making that bullshit dumbed down music and it not affecting we or us whoever we or us is. And again i really really liked the rhymin’!!!

Same with the music people be out there calling “Funk.” it REALLY gets me going when any ole music with half a beat is called funk!! ill giive you an example i aint never heard a song by Dam Funk that was funk! I dont want our kids growing up thinking that kind of music is funk! Now im not saying the music (not just dam funk, other musics too) is not good, it is and i like it but it aint funk as was created by the Mothership Connection record and developed by Parliament and replicated by many other groups (a lot of them from ohio like me).

I miss it deeply sooooo deeply and if it wasnt for the fact Mr Clinton continues to tour what would i have? I love the band and the music and realize the touring is more than touring and hearing the music like no one else can play it, its also keeping that Thang alive!! The side projects by Mr Curry, Mr Bedrosian, Mr Payne, Mr Spearman, etc may could not happen if the band wasnt pulled together to tour. The musicians who learned to play P-funk and who have played it for 30+ years would disperse and then what would we have? NOBODY plays the music the way the folks from the P-Funk camp does as that Thang is in them.

LOLOL and i aint one to not have what i want so ive been trying to make the funk i desire myself! LOL its fun and rewarding and i love it to death but i tag it jefferyTV music and not PFUNK1 cause i know it aint got that Thang on it. Even i know it aint funk yet regardless of my intention and im cool with that cause by profession i work in an office and fix peoples computers and am not a musician.

But best believe if i ever hit the lottery and get a budget to produce a funk record i know who and where to go to get that Thang.

LOLOL Yeah and some have called me the funk police as there is no doubt i have a very strong opinion about funk and especially the funk i love most with all my heart coming out of the P-Funk camp. Im just a life long fan with an opinion and the internet as a tool.

And all that “doo-doo” and “baby making” music is also a form of dumbed down as was the awesome power record thats just my opinion and i want so desperately for my heroes to make that breakout hit it aint got to be super high conscious music but damn have some kind of inspiration in it.

So what yall be doing in that studio is very important to me as i know NOBODY makes the music better than P-Funk

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