Facebook Post: April 15, 2015

10460949_10153289038797125_7618008178282814972_nHappy to be back at work after a restful, relaxing, yet productive 3 days off. Gained a few pounds but it was worth it. (218.6)

This is the first somemore in a very long time when I’ve been skinny, sexy, single, sober, smokingless and an “s” word that means I got a few dollars in my pocket.

I felt good losing weight, but did it smoking them black and milds over the last 6 months. Boy what a difference putting those down has made on my energy and sense of being. But without that habit I have to watch my eatings in that space.

And if I am sexy or not is not the point. I feel I look good and that’s because of a combination of a bunch of things probably mostly non-physical. Attractive is an act and it’s reflected by how good I feel in every movement or action that I make. Walking around this rock 30 lbs lighter shining this little light of mine radiating energy that can be very easily seen and felt.

I left my lunch at home.

wide open honesty makes me happy in this life. being able to unashamedly express and document how I am feeling at any given moment.

I have found a true power in living without lies. There is a magical euphoric freedom that seems to have elevated me above all the bullshit.


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