Forcing Or Pushing One’s Beliefs

12322800_10153861268787125_7430503924183039081_o“Force” and “push” can be relative with a huge gray area. I love the Steelers so if I go around in Steeler gear chanting cheers and my love for them, am I pushing my beliefs on people?

Is pushing one’s beliefs the same as forcing someone to believe as you do? Thinking it, “forcing” like discrimination (not racism) implies a position of power.

If I question or even challenge a person’s belief am I pushing or forcing? i just had this conversation on xgiving with family; say someone posts “God is good all the time” on their wall and it shows up in my very public newsfeed and I reply “Was God good to the 100K tsunami victims all the time?” What would you call that?

Sure I probably understand what they mean or intend to mean as a display of faith, but where is the line drawn on discussion, “debate,” and criticism? i think we are still developing what is mannerly and what is proper etiquette in the social media realm and we humans will always have subjects that are sensitive and very touchy. And yes there are unwritten rules of behavior for such, but hey a lot of the people I associate with operate outside of that behavior and as creative artists they should.

When is attacking “attacking?”

The keyword here is “Public Domain” and where do we draw that line? “In God We Trust” is on our money. There is a secular sworn statement now that does not use “so help me God.” There is prayer before government meetings. There are nativity scenes and Christian celebrations of Christmas still on public properties. etc etc etc.

now i do love me some “War On Christmas.” Bill O’Reilly does it every year!

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