Funky Friday’s, I Gots To Have…

11137011_454187191413834_707115933_nit is so worth it that i get my weekly FUNKY FRIDAYS fix. by “so worth it” i mean i do what i have to do to get it in til 1am- after working an 8hr day ’till 2pm- and then be in my chair ready to work an 8hr shift at 4am. this is the 3rd week i’ve abruptly left the spot to go home, get in bed and get an hour of sleep before heading back out to work. i also take a nap for a few hours before going to the club.

last night was good sooooo good somehow i ended up on the mic duringĀ Funkentelechy only to draw a blank on the words ive sung for 40 years and i enjoyed every second of it. the crowd, the vibe, the music- and i mean HOW the music is played and by WHOM. everybody can’t play my all time favorite music to my liking (LOL not even P-FUNK themselves on some nights!!) so this weekly opportunity has become a must for me as the cats who come to play know and have lived p-funk most of their lives like i have…

gonna get my dose of funk tonight at funky fridays because i gots to have it, and i thank the funk universe i live in an area where i can get it- even though its changing. white people done heard about it now and are coming out. and they are “dancing” and it changes the vibe i became accustomed to at my favorite funky spot. don’t get me wrong i love white folks but i cant get with viewing sporadic spasms while i’m getting with a vibe. what does it mean that i rarely if ever see people of color move like this when the music is playing?

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