George Clinton & P-Funk Do San Francisco


Yoshi’s Oakland March 2013

Having seen that P-funk thang over 100 times in different parts of this country (experiencing P-funk in Europe is one of my few remaining desires in life), I have learned to appreciate the differences each region brings. D.C. had groups of black males partying together in tight rhythmic bunches (here in California brothas  maintain personal space). I’ve watched the percentage of people who were actually on beat triple in the predominant young white Los Angeles audiences. I searched and found a “groove” I was looking for back where I came from.  Ohio is Bootsy, which is a key piece with Funkadelic that created Parliament, which is my musical highest. Ohio funks the best..


Yoshi’s Oakland March 2013

And San Francisco has its own very special thing. First off the city itself continously stimulates the senses with colors, sounds, smells, foods, views, visuals, eclectic political statements, etc, etc. The people there are intellectually  and physically warm and there’s a “commune – we sharin’ and all in this together” thing going on. Think Greatful Dead and when this meets that P-funk it’s a party like no other. Funk in psychadelic boas, wigs and big boots. And dont think those are just “costumes” folks throw on. There is a discipline and intregity to it. And I would be sir nosin’  if I didn’t at least cleverly hint at the best freely shared and abundant prop 19 stuff in the world.

What this city may lack in public displays of syncopated rhythms they more than make up for with hospitality that feels more like friendship. Its like everybody knows everybody and there is no such thing as a “stranger.” The vibe is literally groovy. The Spirituality is groovy. And it seems even the “bums” are intellectual. Weather changes hourly. The Bay is beautiful. The Bridge makes you proud to be human. Alcatraz, Fishermans Wharf, etc. And how could I forget the open sexuality?

November 19, 20
San Francisco, CA

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