Hanging Out With Mr Michael “Kidd Funkadelic” Hampton

I’m not often starstruck anymore  (sorta) though I still get very excited. I was probably literally glowing when I met then Senator Barack Obama. But having the opportunity to hang out and work with my childhood heroes (the people who make the music I love so much) presents a whole other thing. It’s cool until it gets weird for me when anyone creates something that I like so much it embarrasses me. Like the time Lige Curry told me that was him on Peak-A-Groove. Yeah ya’ got your Flashlights and your Knee Deep’s and then you got your own very personal songs.After that overwhelming I recovered and even told him later that shit funked me up. Being face to face with someone who is responsible for somthing that is so close to the heart. So being vaguely familiar from a fan’s distance with Mr Michael Hampton and Mr Hampton’s antics over the years, I admit I was comfortable, relaxed and maybe a bit cocky in spirit about having a good time with a P-funk legend. Mr Loyd Major made this all possible as I was technically under a “bartertract” with him and had certain responsibilities.

 Mike Hampton, Jara Harris, Barry ChenaultWednesday Night So we scoop up Kidd Funkadelic from Long Beach Airport and hit Carrow’s for a late night dinner that was very “insightfunful” as we was just kicking like fellas talking about the music. One thing that is consistent with them p-funk people I’ve met they all are cool regular people and personable (yes even Mr Hampton cause we’ve all heard the stories) and they all seem to consistently have knowledge of some of the most interesting trivia I’ve ever heard. So we talking and chillin next thing I know I’m getting a room in a motel in Gardena, which is by the studio we will be hitting in the morning.   

Thursday Morning  We hit Jumpin’ Jack Records which is in the area where Boyz in the Hood was shot and it’s a good vibe as we meet the owner and studio engineer. They gettin plugged up testing and I’m flowing thru the studio feeling the years of projects and energies that were in this place from the layers of decor over the years and from the equipment on top of equipment.  Though I hadn’t eaten I was feeling pretty damn good and then all of a suden actual Michael “Kidd Funkadelic” Hampton sounds started coming out of the amps and speakers. My knees damn near buckled. As I told him I was raised on that “sound” or “tone” or whatever. Let alone style. There was only one wayat that moment  you could hear that sound live and it was in the room with me and big speakers. That’s when it hit me and the star struckiness began to emerge. At one point I would just giggle it would tickle me so. After awhile i thought, he has to know the effect his craft has on folks like me.      
Man, it was good. There were moments when I was basically inside a giant speaker alone with Mr Hampton with that Hampton sound cranked all the way up. With a video camera in my hand…Mike Hampton, Jara Harris, Barry Chenault
Friday Night at Cherch’s in Fullerton where SlapBak was hosting the 4th Annual Musicans Ball (after NAMM)  figured out I should have been “bar hopping” as this one had a late late start with dull music and folks just basically standing around for hours. The barhopping was cool cause there were jams of all genres going on all over the block. This was pointed out to me by most favorite Christian drummer and NAMM veteren Mr Barry Chenault as went from place to place peeping the people populations. Saturday Night Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach, Ca Mr Hampton sits in with Bobby Easton (Long Beach Funk Festival founder) and Delta Nove. Oly Nero got it going with lead vocals and the band singing Funkadelic’s Cosmic Slop. Mr Hampton took the solo where it needed to go on this most wonderful night to be a Steeler fan.

Michael "Kidd Funkadelic" Hampton and Bobby Easton of Delta NoveSo I’m out on the town wearing my most prized possession my Pittsburgh Steeler PFUNK1 jersey after my Steelers come from behind playoff victory gettin love from everybody as I listen to prolly my most fave song played live performned by the one who does it the best with that sound that cannot be duplicated. 

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