Happy Being

you know, i’ve realized that i won’t be “happy” or better yet “blissfully carefree” continuously throughout my life. it wasn’t so long ago that i had my struggles and stresses. though comparatively speaking most of it was a cakewalk in comparison to what i see out there. i had to learn how to be all the way happy when riding that happy wave. all waves ebb, but ride that wave like a donkey into the ground until it does. being aware but not cautious. being smart but not worrying. and just go for it. no looking over my shoulder. nobody is out to get me. fun and happy without fear of it going away or being taken away because there will come a time when it will go away. it cant go on like this forever. and when it does i will be ready and prepared to handle it. i’ve said the idea of heaven can’t work because we need those ups and downs. times when we gotta put in hard work physical, mental and emotional that hurts. we all have our faiths and what we believe will get us thru. whatever “thru” is, that’s up to the individual.

i guess my point is swing on it like a monkey when you get a chance. dont be embarrassed because you happy. to be happy takes a certain amount of apathy. there is ALWAYS something you can worry about or protest against or try to stand for. i use to get all riled up over stuff. and i acted on it. once i felt i made an impact and that i was heard i moved on. i slowly lost interest. and then sometime late last year i lost the urge to even debate or even discuss political, religious or social issues. i simply lost interest. every now and then i take a poke at something, but my heart isn’t in it. its trivial to me. been there done that. you do your thing and i will do mine. what is there to discuss? i’m cool.

sure it may sound like me! me! me!! yeah, so what? do i care about the future of the earth? do i care about the future of mankind? sure i do. do i know what mankind should do to be successful and or preserve the earth? probably not. i guess that’s why i think we will all be ok. there is no doomsday coming. we are all not going to hell. the world isn’t falling apart. so you know what? i’m gonna have some fun…



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