Heaven Is Harmony & Conscious Freedom

IMG_20130520_122129Sept 19, 2009

To get to the point when you are living life according to self developed “rules” and understandings. To have love for everything with confidence and no fears according to your own moral code. Not having to answer to anything in any universe for what one believes, be it in life or at death.

I have grown to be free to place my faith in whatever I want and shape it however I want answering to nothing and there is an euphoric freedom in this. I believe conscious freedom is the most grand attainable thing. To find harmony with everything based on one’s own beliefs and not following or bowing down to anything is the heaven many people seek.

A life or an act like that is not in harmony with everything around it, causes a friction to some degree.

To be in harmony with everything around you living according to your own inherent personal moral code without fear of any kind of ultimate judgement.

To live under no one’s or any God’s understanding of how you should live but your own. You don’t have to go to a book or anykind of spiritual leader for guidance or answers. It becomes all but natural and is revealed in your every act, right down to the way you move. Its a confidence that everyone can see. There is no guilt or worry cause you are not trying to live up to an external standard.

You place yourself and everything around you at the same level or higher than what a lot of people call God. Everything becomes “God” and a part of God and you treat everything with that kind of reverence, and you are in harmony with it all. Achieving this understanding during one’s life is heaven on earth for this harmony protects you from “evil” as the things around you will come to your rescue when you need them. Harmony also means taking care of your physical body: eating healthy, being active physically and mentally. Always continuing to learn as life and your environment changes, etc…

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