How Does God Answer Your Prayers?


Is there such a thing as praying and leaving it in God’s hands too much ? You ever wonder how God does it?How does God interact with the universe? When you pray for victims of a natural disaster what does God do to help these people? Does he make floods recede or move a tree that has fallen on a baby? How does he do that?  If help arrives in the form of surprisingly timely arrival of another person, did God instruct of guide that person to be there? Doesn’t this violate the “free will” that he gave human beings according to the bible?

When you pray do you understand how God will accomplish the things you pray for? How he influences and interacts with atoms, matter and living things in the universe?

Do you have a basic understanding of the fundamentals of chemistry, biology and the physics of the universe? Do you grasp the concept of the Big Bang Theory and evolution enough to explain it to your children? (if you agree with it or not). Where does your understanding of science come from?

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