Humidity And Me

Lazy day. Just chilling and eating bacon and biscuits. Tortellini. Watching Netflix House of Cards. Going dark on Facebook for a little bit. Stepping away from all the communication and such for a day or two.20160406_192257 Actually put the phone down for a few minutes and I’ve had i out of my hand and I got used to  it. wasn’t so bad. I installed Postie  on my WordPress to post posts to my WordPress page via email. I’m testing it out now and actually doing speech to text on my phone and will send this email and see how it comes out. Of course there were a few typos. Corrected them and then I’ll send it. Not much to say. But my sayings do come on a spur-of-the-moment basis. Would be nice to be prepared and post to my blog and not to Facebook since I’m went dark.

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