I Love The Pittsburgh Steelers

i love the Pittsburgh Steelers you know i do. and i root and pull for them every microsecond of my conscious life.


i am super duper grateful for all that team gave to me this season. when we were 0-3 with our future hall of fame quarterback out for the season i maintained hope we could win the division, this was before the Ravens started playing the best football in the league. then we acquired Fitzpatrick from Miami and i watched defensive magnificence ensue. from that point i saw that the wildcard spot to make the playoffs was well within our reach. it didn’t matter to me significantly that the major stars on our team were hurt and the skill positions on offense were filled with rookies. do your damn job and i pulled for the coaches to design schemes to utilize the talent available. i did not give my Steelers a break because of injuries, next man up. and if that can’t happen i’m calling out the front office and coaching. no excuses.

i love my team and am forever proud for the time we held the last playoff spot in the AFC. it was exciting as it was agonizing (as usual) watching that team and i watched every play. i spend good money and even adjust my work schedule to ensure my attention can be on every single Steeler play of every season. the intensity i achieve NFL sundays when there is black and yellow on my screen can be exhausting. it is always agonizing watching because it’s NEVER easy, even when we win.

so as i watched my hopes slip away for playoff contention as our quarterback play got worse and worse and the offense could basically not score. as i watched our future qb play so bad he was benched and then his replacement played so bad he was benched and then watching our future hope return with glimpses of looking good only to go down with an injury thereby placing our hopes once again on an undrafted 4th string rookie it got to be too much.

i love that team and i pulled for them until my eyes hurt but when it became evident our season was over i was more relieved than sad by a long shot. in all my years of being a fan i cannot remember ever being happy it was over like this. put this season and team out of it’s misery. we did not deserve to go any farther. sure, i would have taken it and walked like we earned it even though i knew we didn’t deserve to participate in an NFL post season.

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