“If Consciousness is a Quantum Process…”

“many find it difficult to believe the soul is a quantum computer hardwired to the cosmos”

-Through the Wormhole,
The Science Channel


  • there is no right or wrong, its about the ability to believe uninhibitedly
  • having a boundless imagination and freedom to think outside the limitations of logic
  • when fantasies = beliefs = personal definitions and perceptions and even realities; “personal realities”
  • the ability to “create” this space and “exist” in it
  • manifest one’s beliefs and fantasies into realities
  • they key is that it all starts as a fantasy. a dream. a desire
  • to have that space where one is free to have fantasy and freedom of imagination to create and think  things never thought of
  • to find fellowship in that space in the form of like minds
  • the synergy of multiple conscious imaginations working in harmony energized by the spirit of connection
  • the synergy of like minds deep in imaginative conscious thought as a spirituality
  • harmonious rhythm energies of the sub-conscious networks that connect everything in this universe which vibrate in the quantum arena
  • in this i place my faith


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