If It’s A Truth, How Can It Be An Insult?

If it’s a truth, how can it be an insult?

it’s funny that if a politician said those things and rode in a Fiat we would instantly think pandering stunt. it’s all about faith…20150705_211404

it’s throw up in your mouth music!! i am proud, very very proud that i can proudly and boldly say what i like and don’t like and that i have come to deeply understand that there is “good” music that i simply don’t like and i don’t have to like it or be ashamed that i don’t like it either to be happy. i no longer like all kinds of music, go suck on a rainbow and on your way feed a homeless person i mean as i get older i’m realizing it ain’t all about harmony and love its about accomplishment and achievement and to get that done you cant please everybody, you cant like everything and you need a focus and ability to shut parts of creation out. it ain’t meant to be always pretty like the rainbow suckers and harmony hunters want us to think.

im a bit edgy but not irritable. sometimes i want to get at it like a gladiator and exert effort and bang on something for a workout. not just physically but mentally. go hard at it cerebrally and realistically. realizing that the most important parts don’t always feel good and hell sometimes they hurt but we have to get down with them and then go out dancing on it later.

do i like to tantalize people toying playfully with their long held beliefs? you bet your ass i do. but do i want to severely hurt anyone? no. will i in the course of expressing my opinion hurt people? yes. severely? i doubt it.

i can remember the feeling but not the date when i realized i would have to leave people behind to get to where i want and to be the person that i want. i remember how good realizing that made me feel. i gained an understanding about walking away from someone in order for me to fully express and be myself. with no hatred or malice and minimal residual resentment as possible. because it gets easier the more independent and self relying ive become. there is an euphoria in freedom and self understanding when positioning yourself in the universe as high as i do.

when experience breeds confidence at very high levels.
everybody ain’t ready to run as fast as you want to.

for a person to be an “asshole” there has to be at least one other person involved. a person can’t be an asshole in total isolation, some form of a relationship must exist. AND you don’t attain asshole status with one or two instances of such behavior. “he’s an asshole” means he’s consistent-
so, if you think someone is an asshole, guess what?

sure a person can “be” an asshole in isolated incidents, but to me thats more like actin’ or being an ass. asshole is on another level…

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