It Feels Good To Feel Good

being in a good mood makes everything better. who knew?

my happy does not exist in a vacuum. it CANNOT be produced without the interaction of EVERYTHING around me- that means good and bad. my happy is most probably based on how i handle and interpret the totality of reality. how i process life and how that determines my worldview. so when i wake up in the morning i’m already on the plus side of happy and have cultivated the capability, resources and opportunities to get more. i monitor and protect my happy. happy don’t come by accident, no matter how much one is given. happy has to be worked at on a very personal individual basis. NOBODY can just give you happy, and more than likely its something you have to “fight” to have (and definitely maintain).


there was a time i felt it was better to hide my happy. as there are times when a person’s happy can rub folks the wrong way and or irritate and aggravate them. there have been times where i craved to be physically alone just so i could openly express my happy. just to be free to let it all out and not have to hear nothing from nobody about it. maybe that’s from where i developed a severe independence.

there are times i climb so high on happy that maybe no one can join me there. and maybe that’s the way it should be.

yeah i’m gonna swing on this happy i got going on until the rope breaks. i can literally feel it in me like it is something separate. i can pinpoint and distinguish the feeling and feel what it feels like. from experience i know when i have it and when i don’t. when it comes back its like it’s brand new every time..

when it’s on i feel like i not only can do anything, but i should do it. shoot for the biggest thing i can think of. express openly at the deepest level. “nothing can stop me now” was 5 exits back on this road i’m on. everything is cliche. at this point its all about what gets done.

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