It’s About The SSD!

so after i did the berkeley p-funk show after i did the petaluma pfunk show after having passed out on the flight to SFO and ending up in the emergency room, i returned to the jeep wrangler i rented to find someone had smashed and grabbed my backpack which had my laptop in it.

i had committed the deadly sin of leaving anything that seemed valuable visible. even though its been decades it’s not like i was completely unprepared for such an event and my mind went into triage mode. way to cap one hell of a weekend.

first thing i thought was about the laptop and that it was properly encrypted so i wasn’t worried too much about data theft. i did earlier however skip a back-up technique where i save recently taken pics to the computer or hard drive AND to a SD card that i carry with me in my wallet (the idea being to never have any data only in one single place). so i lost pictures i took in the ER and at arriving at hotel petaluma because i had to free space on my phone (i was too lazy to think it out properly).

processed the incidentals i would need to handle to continue forward thru life and the keys i would need to get back into my apt etc etc. i was worn down with all that had gone on so i called off of work as i planned to catch the 6am flight from LAX to SFO and go straight to work. there were things that needed to be done. i had alerted the property manager that i would need keys before leaving frisco knowing the office wouldn’t be open unitl 8-9am and i would have landed by then. so walked from terminal 7 to terminal 1 to get a good seat on the flyway bus to van nuys wheni make contact with the property manager that it would be a few hours before they could send someone out and it would be quicker if i stopped by and picked up keys myself. the office was downtown and here i am riding a bus up the 405 to the valley when i could have taken the same bus i would have taken to work and then the same redline to the property office.

i get to the valley and i’m tired. i did get a couple hours sleep in SFO but i’m like funk it. i’m doing lyft or uber no matter how much it cost. ok, maybe not so much no matter how much it cost as i did walk to the bus stop initially intending to make the long free ride using my metro pass.

anyhow’s the point of all this is when replacing the laptop i went with a SSD. seems i always wind up buying open box or refurbished items from best buy and the deal i found was an i5, with touchscreen, 8GB ram and a 256GB solid sate hardrive. i never went SSD before as they have always been pricey and i thought there was no real advantage. boy oh boy was i wrong. i love learning and discovering things that totally rattle my thinking is the best. man oh man was this thing fast!! in fact this i5 laptop was faster than my i7 desktop that more ram in it. so i google and SSD prices have come way way down. i mean like $50 for 256GB which is enough and a 1TB SSD was under 150. so i am at work with i’m almost off duty gabbiness sharing my excitement with a co-worker about the performance of my laptop who i remembered had just replaced his laptop SSD with a bigger one. as i walk to punch the clock he goes in his bag and throws me his old 256GB SSD drive. i took that thing home, found and installed some free disk cloning software, decrypted my i7 local drive and started the OS transfer before i went to bed. it was still running when i left for work as i was using USB 2.0 to connect the SSD but it didn’t matter it could run all day. a few hours into work i try to remote in to my desktop and sure enough it had finished the process, rebooted and mounted the new drive. all looked good so all i had to do was go home and pop the SSD into the desktop and it should work. and it did! boy did it work talk about fast booting up! zoom zoom loading Cubase and all my apps and programs including Microsoft office 2019 came over without an issue.

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