It’s Quite Possible That…

it’s quite possible i deeply enjoy saying the things that people “don’t” say. sometimes it feels that i’m positioned to do it. but since i have always done it, i guess i have positioned my self to be that guy. i have always coveted the freedom to say whatever it is that i want, when i want. BUT IT HAS TO BE SOMETHING THAT I BELIEVE AND FEEL TO BE TRUTH. something i am prepared to stand behind.20160709_141438-crop
i realized at an early age living in daddy’s and mommy’s house it would probably be best if i monitored the things that came out of my mouth. i learned how and when to say things i knew were controversial. growing up i realized living with or being dependent on someone its best not to say or do something that would jeopardize that relationship. so i guess i evolved a mentality to be as independent as humanly possible. doing what i want when i want means minimal responsibilities, obligations and associations. i never was a team player anyways lets face it.

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