Jeff “Cherokee” Bunn of P-Funk fame leaves first Blog comment.

Shider sports Steelers cap with Cherokee Bunn

Bass player Jeff “Cherokee” Bunn is noted for his lavish Native American head dress while on stage with Parliament Funkadelic years back.  But today he is noted as the first external person to make a comment at the new startup blog project.

“We are really excited about utilizing this free technology” says a jefferytv representative  who asked to remain unindentified. “We’ve had “blogs” for years and may have been the first one back in 1997 when the founder started ‘the dailys”‘ the source continues. It seems this may payoff for jefferytv as the organization intergrates its vast internet resources with todays technology and social networks.

Mr Bunn is playing this weekend at the Long Beach Funkfest with “The Ladies Of P-Funk” which is made up of original members (Bunn is an original member also) of “The Brides of Funkenstein” and “Parlet.” In his comment Mr. Bunn relayed that  “Its a love thang” and that they are bringing “Fresh vintage funk for the new world.” This response was to a post about his involvement in the Long Beach Funkfest.

Bunn’s Homepage
Bunn’s Myspace
“As for me, born & raised B-more Maryland, (where you gotta Sho Nuff Bmore Carfeful) to music and beautiful women; a double blessing, a double challenge which I endeavor to live up to. Pops – a jazz musician/trombonist, Moms – an Indian beauty…”
-Jeff “Cherokee” Bunn

(Please note the founder of jefferytv is a huge life long fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers and was blown away when he saw the above picture of Mr Garry Shider)

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