Kiss My Shea Buttered Black Ass

i’ve been in a “kiss my ass” kinda mood, and i’m not sure why. it’s not that i’m mad at anything or angry or threatened, just the opposite. it’s feels more like a liberating “kiss my ass,” a watch me show my ass kiss my ass…

the world is mine kinda kiss my ass.

an i love ya but i got to go and do me kiss my ass. all with a smile.

to be truly great or change the world or have an impact i believe there has to be a fair amount of separation from society and a bunch of kiss my ass too that is basically healthy confidence celebrated.

to be great, you gotta really really fight and want to be great. great is extremely relative also. to do your thang and be the big free loud me unafraid and literally above it all, i had to separate from it. too much love and or universal unity holds me back. so does the idea of everybody being “equal,” sure we should share resources, but save everybody and everybody gets a trophy?

one for all and all for one to a degree but i ain’t never ran with the bunch. i always had to be my thang and learned that it meant that i wouldn’t be alone a lot and that is cool with me.

to be great number one you have to be comfortable talking about being great. it has to become a matter of fact to you. i wake up not only feeling great as in good but great like im vibrating on a higher level than most. that i perceive and recognize things most cant. that i am faster at computing, deducting, reasoning and understanding than most. that the world is mine for the taking. this is whats in me before i am even awake enough to recognize myself in the mirror brushing my teeth in the morning. so imagine how each of my days go…

you know what the greatest parts about being great are? being fully alive, aware and happy without fear nor enemy. not being afraid to be the highest of happy. having a harmony with everything, but not attached or connected too strongly with everything

a good reasonable balance of empathy and apathy.

at war nor in a ba

ttle with anything.

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