Ladies Of P-Funk Rumor Control: Greg Thomas

P-Funk Allstar Horn Greg Thomas

More speculation flew around the social networks this morning as Greg Thomas is rumored to also be joing the Ladies Of P-Funk set at the Long Beach Funkfest. Thomas, who resides in Los Angeles,  has 30+ years providing horns and vocals for George Clinton & The P-funk Allstars.

 “Yeah, Mr Thomas has been singing the lead vocal on Knee Deep for years now, while also supporting other positions in the band” a source says. “Hell one time I think they were short on guitars and singers so Greg got like 19 solos and then sang lead. He is extremely versatile and I’ve seen him play just about every instrument there is!”

Greg Thomas Myspace
“Greg is a musician Whose talent is deeply rooted in African-American culture. Throughout the years he has learned how to perform all types of music from R&B to Hip-Hop,Acid Jazz to Blues to Gospel,Traditional Jazz,Rock n’Roll, to Polkas.However,Jazz-Funk is where his true love lies. Greg began playing music at the age of five,and his musical talents are diverse.”

One thing also notable about Mr Thomas is that he can instantly name the best places to eat in any city in America.

(What makes this rumor interesting is that George Clinton & The P-Funk Allstars are touring Europe right now!)

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