Love Is An Answer For The Less Fortunate.

maybe black lives DON’T matter. maybe no lives matter. what is the purpose of life? why do we need so many of us? why is it soooo important that every life matter and that everybody is happy and or successful? what is the point of that? what are we trying to achieve here? one big happy party on planet Utopia? what in the long run does that accomplish?


20160726_142742the point of life is for life to continue, NOT for human beings to continue. that’s a personal spin and opinion WE as humans believe of ourselves. if you believe in evolution you may know that we evolved from small basically defenseless primates that were able to survive after a meteor hit the earth and killed the dinosaurs and most everything else. we don’t know what we need to be to survive as a species over the next few hundred thousand years. for all we know incestuous mountain living rednecks who with their inbreeding could have developed an immunity to a global epidemic that wipes the rest us out. the point being: WE DON’T KNOW! so everybody is perfectly doing and being what they are suppose to. there is no goal and there are those of us here not meant to survive or thrive. and under those conditions they should fight like hell by any means necessary to continue being! and if you don’t believe in evolution and you waiting for your savior to return there really is no point. the savior of your choice is going to handle it all and us preparing to be around for another 100 thousand years or so is pointless. saving the earth is pointless. all you got to do is mind your own business, leave folks alone, place faith in your selected deity until he returns and go to the heaven he has prepared for you. the earth and the rest of humanity is basically disposable. disposable? hmmmmm, its taboo to even think human life as disposable. 7 billion of us on this rock and lets face it some of us we could simply be better off without. we sanction war and stand by as citizens while our country’s bombs people and places we know nothing about. so there are people we don’t need and that its ok to kill them. it’s just taken for granted “love” is the way. i say respect and or understanding is more important, but the bottom line is survival. from what i’ve seen in life there really are no rules other than surviving within your particular society. love is an answer for the less fortunate. once you can create a solid living foundation of which you are comfortable, this gives you more freedom to explore and discover more of life and be less dependent and addicted to “love.”

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