Make It Funky Arts & Music Festival

I remembered being here before, it was called “The Funk Rumble.” This festival was much more artsy and less commercial than usual. There was actually more creative activities than food vendors! The crowd was artsy beautiful and colorful and expressive. They had one big main stage and two other spots where dj’s were spinning. They played Flashlight, Theme from the Black Hole and a long long version of Sade’s Paradise and I got lost and went away during all of them.        

I came here to see the world’s best twitterer Novena Carmel and her band BabyStone (she is the daughter of Sly Stone). I rode public transit from the valley to downtown Los Angeles Chinatown. It was only $5 to get in, maybe cause the artsy creative displays were also selling their wares.        

It was good seeing Lauren (met via Weapon Of Choice shows who is playing the Long Beach Funkfest this weekend) who I “watched grow up” in the clubs and meeting her boyfriend who is in the band Simple Citizens . Cool seeing her ecletic group do their thang with her man on stage. I so love this lifestyle. Simple Citizens shouted out the San Fernando Valley many times and had a song about the 101 freeway. I love the 101 freeway and I’m not being sarcastic. Later Babystone sang about Los Angeles also.        

Make It Funky Arts Festival Pulled Pork Sandwich and Diet Coke

 The dj in the back by the food vendors (i had a pulled pork sandwich and diet coke) is where a group of folks were dancing and performed Micheal Jackson’s Thriller Video. The group of people dancing were so diverse and ordinary looking that it gave me chills to see them know every step of this dance.       

 Getting tired I left after Baby Stone and was too weary to figure the busses on my blackberry so I walked the mile or so to Union Station and caught the Red Line. The streets were fairly deserted of pedistrians and the buildings were so very tall. I thought to myself once again that this is so what I’ve always dreamed of. Free and comfortable walking the streets of a major city at night after mixing it up with the funk!        

Ran into and Bobby Easton who were out promoting the Long Beach Funk Festival (Aug 7). Mr Easton is the originator and main thrust behind the LBFF and every time I see him I gesture worshipping him at his feet. What he is doing so important to me I feel guilty that Im not doing more to support.           

Novena Carmel saw my Parliament Funkadelic shirt and said that I should check out the LBFF. She went on to say that she played there last year and I shouted back generic banter. No need for me to tell her I was there last year too and have video and pictures of her performance. No need for me to tell her that I think that she is the world’s best twitterer. I love my afar admiration crush thingys (sometimes talking would just ruin it).      The world's best twitterer    

I found it very interesting cool that subject matter recently significant to me was addressed by a  performer  I primarily went there to see. Sure her song about Los Angeles may have been sarcasm, but it still worked for me. And I think this is truly what art and artists are about, expressing publicly and artistically the things that humanity is experiencing.  

Micheal Jackson’s Thriller Video performance    

Me groovin to Sade’s Paradiase 

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Long Beach FunkFest AUG 7th!

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