Making Music My Way

the cool thing about working solo projects is that i can share incomplete ideas while in progress at my will. it not only doesn’t have to be perfect , it doesn’t have to be finished. i completely understand how people who do this for a living don’t want junk with their name on it published. and i respect that, so i don’t.

but for me its about growth and learning and to be honest i may love the process more than the final product or goal. so many tools, so much power in the technology and a platform to publish. the thing being i can create stuff like this (or “better”) at will all day long. and its easy and enjoyable.

the early process is basically throwing whatever up in the air but then i will hear something and work from there. that’s where the work comes in getting it tighter and tighter to what i like. then from there every now and then being able to push and create something at the next level in my journey to wherever it is i’m so determinedly going in my head there is a sound and when it ain’t “right” i hear it immediately. it feels like its instinctive to the point i rely on my production ear and making it sound “right.”.

the way i see it, i will keep getting better at making it sound right to me and maybe, just maybe it will resonate with others. at this point and i hope always i don’t care what other people think about it. its not that feedback doesn’t affect me or that i like it or don’t, i don’t care about it. i learn from it and use it but know the ups and downs, positives and negatives are part of the journey, which is part of the game which is a major part of the fun song structure to some degree maybe. but i have no format, no guideline, no requirement or standard to meet.

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