Making The Music

i’m thinking we making a little sum’n sum’n good there in my living room studio. ain’t gonna brag on the mix or drum samples i used too too much, but damn. mr sanders & mr lee got down and i got it down in digital and here we is…

i enjoy doing it and don’t rely on it to eat or keep my lights on so there is no pressure whatsoever to make it be something or not. i can just keep doing it and doing it because i enjoy it so much. and maybe one day, maybe one day i hit that magical tone or sound that turns everybody around…

img_20150716_204408people be playing games on their phones or reading books on the commute to work,. i be doing this. i bought a usb powered headphone amplifier off the internet because the laptop sound wasn’t enough to be heard over the train noise. i thought about spending $30 to get this device and weighed it against how much “work” i could get done during this hour or so each day. good investment for sure

on top of all that or maybe the primary reason for it is that this has always been a dream of mine to “make” music. and make it the way i wanted it. im realizing everybody doesn’t have that drive to have music (and many other things) they way THEY WANT IT. maybe this desire of mine sets me apart enough to be that certain kind of special needed to create something that will be placed apart from all that came before it. everybody doesn’t have the desire to do that either. i do and i ain’t shy about it. and i am patient moving towards it happening. oh yeah, i believe its gonna happen. i’m too smart and i know enough about the way things work in life to be “lucky” enough to be positioned when the opportunity presents itself. and it will

i’m having such a damn good time chasing it sometimes i think this journey is better than when that magical thing (whatever it may be) happens. it may be in my nature so that it will always be whats next…

i love life a lot. i really really do. i deeply love being jeffery

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