Maximizing My Capability And Relationships

i love gettin’ things done. i love organizing my life and myself. i love having things in place and the immediate future at least thought about. i love that i have a documented inventory of all my data and that it is secured and backed up. I love that i know exactly where everything that i own is located.

i really really love keeping it moving in the direction of my intentions and towards the general over goals i wish to achieve in life. i love that i do not have precisely specific “goals” but a strong general idea of the areas that i want to impact. my deep intentions do not involve any material things, but they do include travel.

creating and affecting

and when i found out how i could work on my own stuff while at and not interfering with work? oh my goshy it was on for reals. LOL at one job i had full blown CD manufacturing going on! let alone webpage, graphics and video editing and creation.

hell, im at work now! LOL

the key is the ability to perform at the highest levels (work productivity wise and socially) and keep yo’ sheeeet on the downlow…

maximizing one’s capability and continuously improving on it while maintaining a balance of spirit, health and mentality. driven by a passion that excites you. it doesn’t have to make you happy- just ignite something in you.

creating the environment to go at life and accomplish at accelerated levels involves not only managing a physical space and location, but a social space and relationships. for me to operate in a maximized mode usually meant a larger than socially expected amount of independence. i have always been a fan of independence, and distance

while often seeking deep intimate relationships and there in lies the rub…

and though i love the experience of relationships and the highs of intimate moments and sharing i find i’m very most happiest when i’m alone and doing my own thing focusing on my own ideas and projects. i feel i’m at the age where all i want to do is me and i really think that is ok and natural (while always maintaining a healthy balance and harmony with all that is around me)

i’ve been in love more than several times in my life and have not only enjoyed and worshiped each experience i came out of it a “better” person while carrying very pleasurable memories of each.

i believe the goal is to fall in love as many times as you can in life and evolve from each experience.

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