McKnight confirms Chenault, Bunn rumor

Legendary guitarist DeWayne “Blackbyrd” McKnight confirmed via a Facebook post that drummer Barry Chenault is sitting in with The Ladies Of P-Funk at the upcoming Long Beach Funkfest on Aug 7th. McKnight also confirmed that there are rehearsals and that Jeff “Cherokee” Bunn is contributing as well.

“Forgot to mention we got Jeff “Cherokee” Bunn Ont the bass and Barry Chenault on the drumz and Eric Levy on Keys. We been rehearsin all week so there you go…” posts Mcknight to a video regarding the Funkfest and P-Funk.

Original Bride Of Funkenstein Dawn Silva will play major parts.

The Ladies Of P-funk is billed “featurung Brides Of Funkenstein and Parlet”

This just in from Facebook:

 “from DAwn’s profile: Jamming at the Long Beach Funk Festival 8/7/10 – showtime 7:30 pm Original Bride of Funkenstein members – Dawn Silva – Dwayne Blackbyrd Mcknight & Jeff Cherokee Bunn -Parlets Jeanette Washington Perkins – and Sue Ann Carwell (Prince)”

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