Me And The Life That Is Mine

just took one of those challenging calls that makes you do your job better. user was cool but getting frustrated and i had to figure it out. i knew the fix but had to verify with co-workers. basically an uninstall and reinstall all apps. but the process that got me to that taught me a lot about the process of installing this very critical program on a users phone. there was enough pressure in the tone and 15241997_10154871345457125_1896567652453250528_nenergy of the user to get me a little anxious and nervousy and going thru that i feel is critical to doing what i do well. the relief and confidence boost when things got to working right was definitely pound my chest get off me i’m jeffery good. the next time i get this kind of call it will be a piece of cake. experience soon as s the call was over i broke outside and hit the vapepen standing under the skyscrapers feeling how good it is to feel i belong playing on a big city field in the game with some of the best at what they do people from around the world. challenge reminds me of just how good i am and just how much has went into me being the me i am now.

and as you prolly know, i love me some me standing on that corner in metropolitan los angeles i checked my e-mail and there was one for a free video regarding compression and equalization of music mixing. last night after working 8 hours on a computer i went home and not only got right back on my computers but i re-wired and re-positioned my monitor speakers. and hell since i didn’t have to be at work until 12:30pm i got into it and did some major tidying up of my studio setup.

at one point with things still a mess i stopped and reflected on just how much i enjoy doing this. and how long ive been doing this! i’ve always loved re configuring my workstations and central command desks and ive had one since before high school hell even before computers… in my house alone on a saturday night, just me and my machines… well in my “apartment” not house which may be the better situation for me as i realized i spend most of my time at my work center. the rest is in my chair watching TV or in bed. i had a condo once and it hit me im rarely in the living room as i custom built a computer desk in my bedroom.

it would be all dusty in there. needless to say the kitchen and bathroom (with shower) is also a must but i really don’t need a bunch of house or a backyard that would need work… let alone how much i like going. going is good jumping in a car or plane and not being home is second only to coming home to a place that i’ve customized to my liking. and coming home to that place EXACTLY the way i left it… working also seems to play a major role in my life.

i sometimes say i cant be trusted with that much free time. i need a undeniable reason to leave my house on a regular basis. cant be chasing p-funk ALL the time. plus i got to pay to have my life the way i want it. for me because i love what i do its win win. let alone the personal work i can do while at work while maintaining a high performance level. when i walk in to my apt i greet it like it was a friend. LOL i even ask it did it miss me? then i say i missed you!!! LOL its so just the way i want it i have no desire for a bigger better nothing. and yes, location location location!! in a city i feel is maybe the best in the history of mankind- if not only for the weather. ive always dreamed of being here, and making it here

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