Me & Being Black

IMAG2797Every time the police stopped me for smoking weed or doing petty stuff when I was young they let me go. Every time I have ever dealt with authorities I have been treated with respect. Cause though I am black as the day is long they and people can see that I am NOT a “nigga.” Its about manners, articulation, posture and basically how I present myself by showing respect and then looking into peoples eyes and expecting that same respect. I am NOT for legislation, pleading or anything that extends this earned respect I have to everybody or people who don’t deserve it.

I will NOT defend those in the black community who do not show respect or “deserve” to be defended.

m tired of seeing the victim card being played in this situation and its about time somebody was harsh on “our” people.

i have the right as we all exercise everyday who we give respect to and who we dont. its unavoidable as everybody must make judgements of situations and people based on their experiences. so this is purely personal. im also tired of certain parts of the black community being labeled victims and or crying victimization. im not denying that they are or not im tired of excuses for unlawful, disrespectful and criminal behavior for any reason. there are parts of any community who do not want your or my compassion or understanding cause that would make them have to return that respect and they are not able. we are all not going to make it, some of our children are lost and unsavable even by jesus and are out to take as many others with them as they can. i do not see utilizing resources on this part of the population. what i just said is my personal assessment and how i handle and veiw things, everybody has their own perspective but this is mine.

what lie? if you are inferring that im suggesting that racism, racial profiling and the such does not exist, im not and never have. ii know it exists. what I AM saying is that in my experience it aint JUST cause of a person’s skin color there are other factors. now there are folks who hate and discriminate soley on color, but they are a very small percentage and we will never be rid of them. but for the most part i feel that the widespread generalized racism some people seem to preach about DOES NOT occur to a degree only because of ones race. white people aint dumb or hateful its they may be just not exposed to black culture and ive been told many times i dont fit the image they had of black people (be it via media or whatever). if dress or approach them as an example of that stereotype how else are they suppose to react? but if i approach them with posture, stance, looking them respectfully in the eyes while enunciating my words and speaking “proper” english my skin color takes a back seat.

this is how i was raised “yes mam, no sir” to every adult, white or black. i was taught how to talk proper english by my parents. i remember my father making me come in the house from playing football once cause i used the word “y’all.” i was taught how to shake hands and greet everybody from the grocery clerk to the mail man. i was taught not to fear doctors or police. i was not taught color, but i was taught how to act and behave. i was educated and the idea of dropping out of high school NEVER once ever entered my mind. i had these things and im not ashamed cause many people dont have them. and that may be an issue. those of “us” who have assimilated and are a functioning part of the “white mans” world are often looked upon as Toms or sellouts. i bet there are many many of us who drive our cars and have never been harrassed but we are silent cause its not cool or maybe feels like bragging. i wish the many like me would stand up and combat the image of gangsta and pants saggin. it has to be hard for a young black man to go against this “im hard and tough” image but somehow i wish it can be shown there are lots and lots of us who live in the same neighborhoods as everybody else but dont go thru that bullshit cause we got our shit together.

Again, im not saying there are not instances of hate or racial wrongdoings. Or that there are not racist and hateful people. We will always have that. But its not the norm and maybe it shouldnt be preached to be the norm. But i dont think thats the real problem. Its a distraction from the real issue of poverty, education, etc


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