Meaning Of Life

Would you rather define the meaning of life, or have it defined for you? For a lot of you the answer is a part of your beliefs.

Here alone at work my mind has the space to wander and I pondered that I and or we very well may have the power (via consciousness) to ultimately define the meaning, the result and the purpose of our existence. I even thought that with this gift of consciousness we may have the power to break away from any purpose that we may have been created for.

That means that even if there was a creator (not a god, as god implies a submission to) and this creator put us here for It’s purpose we may still have the capability to defy that purpose and create our own destiny.

There is a great leap from “Creator” to “God” and many never consider that a “Creator” may NOT rule over It’s creation and could be “wrong” unlike a “God” (by definition God can never be “wrong”). And even so, why is it taken for granted that we could not override even God’s purpose for us?

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