Meeting Norman Spencer’s Work

nspencermeeting mr norman spencer’s work (link)
worked on theoryofuniverse “life” & “man” last night.
woke up with the idea to yahoo search “surviving singularity.”
so on june 22, 2003 around 10:10 am i hit the link;
2 of the 4 sites returned were mine and the site listed #1 lead me to: 

Not any physical condition (whether chaos, singularity or other) can kill monads or monadic organisation … for monads are eternal, transfinite beings. Monads survive singularity, for they are beings of singularity … that is, beings of the Absolute.

i read line 1475 first, so i had to go back and find out what “monads” were. when i did i found the norman spencer website and ideas maybe more beautiful than mine. my idea is that the thing at the root of which creates life can survive singularity. he believes “monads survive singularity”  he says

71 Only monads can become aware of qualities.”

so i take this to possibly mean consciousness or a form or part of it survives singularity.he never used a computer; “The pen and the typewriter were the only machines that aided his efforts, and consequently his work has existed only on paper until very recently” so his work and mine were completely independent. but we are so much in agreement, almost detail for detail. except he seems to believe in god. and he “explains” this masterfully by describing faith. all his keywords are my keywords. being fact oriented as ive ever seen it, he explained the nature of god. “Norman Spencer was born in Wellington, New Zealand, November 7th 1921, and died in that city, January 25th 2001, aged 79 years.” “His studies included philosophy, psychology, religions, political science, history and the physical sciences. He had a lifelong involvement with philosophy and mysticism”

the definition of mysticism has been one of the first things you see on my main webpage for years.
also in his work he recognizes the big bang. 

Propositional Network 7. The Network Propositions (a sampling)

Existence is an Absolute … an all-inclusive, coherent, integrated whole, of infinite and finite magnitudes.

The Absolute expresses itself eternally and in infinite variety.

The Absolute must express itself in every possible variation of expression, including expressions of imperfection, voiding and aberration.

All aspects of the Absolute are qualitative and infinite

The Absolute has an infinite array of awareness centres: These are called monads.

Each monad is a qualitative, sovereign presence of the Absolute … a unique individual.

All living beings are monadic … that is, the presences of one or more monads.

Monads are qualitative and they seek to release and to absorb the quality of enmassed energy.

Only monads can become aware of qualities.

Monads must undergo greatly varied experience, in order to gain self-realisation.

By creative intelligence, monads devise constraints, barriers and all manner of opposition for themselves … as aids to their progressive self-realisation.

Opposition causes energy to be concentrated and, by conflict, quality is released from mass for absorption by monads … and, thus, obstacles are means of progress.

Most of us are unaware that our race is undergoing metamorphosis to spiritual state … but this metamorphosis is nevertheless taking place, whether we are aware of it or not.

“The answer is that, according to Norman’s work, 60,000 years is the maximum time our species has left on Earth, for Earth will not be habitable after that time.”


My Notes & Refelctions

We do not worship the philosopher, as we should not have worshiped Jesus. Man at that stage needed “God” stories to understand philosophy and gauge moral conduct. We should have worshiped Jesus’ ideas but not made him a God.

An idea that a certain body of work can be referred to by #. A listing which people can agree or disagree and refer to by specific idea by # so millions can participate. Ideas can be discussed globally cause the simplicity makes it easily translatable to many languages (thats if they can understand it, most of the world will not). Short simple high impact statements: “a network of over 11,000 high probability propositions”. We can study things in this way with great detail.

We can then layout our best ideas of what life is based partly on logic, faith and mysticism.

Detailed statements about how we think the universe came into being. Humans may have the capacity to understand enough to figure it all out, what ever “enough” and “it” is. 

A focusing on one specific thing. Something to point at and or use as a universal reference to have debate and gain more knowledge and understanding of, like a set of “universally” agreed upon principles.

An individual can use faith to determine what he believes. He doesnt even have to have evidence or proof, he is entitled to his belief. But he may have to be able to present that belief and defend it fairly if need be, and/or explain it. And he must live by it. Philosophy should be a democracy.

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