More Random About My 4 days Off

woke up after an hour of sleeping at like 1130pm and decided to just get a taste of something not even a snack just a taste and of course it got out of hand and triggered something deeper and that’s when i looked in the goodies cupboard to be surprised by a big bag of doritos i forgot i bought and it was on. took some drink and a small bowl of them heavenly flavored chips back to bed to only get up 6 minutes later to fill up another bowl….

looks like i’ll be spending time with mother and family this weekend. i will have a good time and enjoy myself no doubt. it’s the inevitable laziness and weight gaining that concerns me. as soon if not before i even get in the car for the 1 hour ride the major concern becomes “what we gonna eat?” more than likely my sister and her daughter will come down and me and her will hit a grocery and probably a fast food place be it the family pack chinese or the local non franchise pizza place. i will get my spot in the recliner, my sister on the couch, the child and dog on the floor- both who will go to sleep during the movie no matter how late or early we watch it. my mother will be watching whatever she’s watching in a room right off the living room. from my recliner i can watch what she is watching and what we are watching at the same time. something about going to mother’s is tranquilizing. she will be on me to do a few handy man chores that i will deflect and avoid. i don’t do that stuff anymore. this new job and my new tax bracket got me kinda bougie and i am proud of it. once i understood and accepted the fact that my hands and clothes don’t get dirty anymore i embraced it. my mother being old-school wants it to be me to do these things and i get it. there is a certain something in having things like this done by some one “personally” and not professionally and it’s not so much the money. i’m passed all that. i outsource. labor is cheap compared to my income.

i say all that to anticipate all this. i should starve myself for the next two days until friday. i did good last night after work got home and started working on the bedroom closet. threw some stuff out and rediscovered some stuff that will be moved into my first rotation of clothing on to the starting team (clothes that are wear today visible and accessible). also found some bed pillows i bought and called myself saving for guests (i don’t have guests) so i broke those out, cased them and wow pretty much what i was looking for when i posted about how good those 4-star hotel room pillows are. go figure, i had them all along. some really cool clothes in there too. fancy dancy brand name buying co-worker cleaned out hos closet and i got some goooood stuff. stuff and names i wouldn’t buy thats for sure. brand is one thing, but the quality of the clothing is noticeably far superior than the stuff i buy. let alone cool, trendy and very fashionable.

More About Having Days Off
not the best night of sleep. woke up around 2am after about getting in 2 hours. laid there wide awake stretching, tossing and turning for over an hour i’m sure. alarm at 730a woke me up, where I usually awake on my own an hour earlier. day 2 of 6 straight before 4 days off and after that 7 straight working. with my adjusting shift schedule yesterday I didn’t have a lot of time at home before bedtime, but I made a couple pseudo moves to build motivation and momentum going into the upcoming days off. with more time tonight I’m considering pulling a bunch of stuff out into the area I cleared last night in preparation of evaluating it and thereby forcing myself to handle it. got a bunch of bags of clothes in my closet and other stuff that is ready for a 2nd or 3rd go thru. I like going thru organizing and getting rid of stuff. “managing my empire” I call it. trimming the fat off my physical inventory with the goal of utilizing every part of it (or consider throwing it away).

also could work on music with the goal of releasing some to the iTunes, Spotifys and etc. update websites I have over 100 drafts of new posts that are waiting to be published. and embed and better arrange audio and video clips. want to be able to post music to Facebook so it plays inside FB with one click. the only way to do this it seems without using SoundCloud and the such is to make it a video. want to find a way to do that directly from jefferyTV

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