My First Digital Distribution Release Uploaded!

just submitted my first digital distribution upload to various “stores” (Amazon, Apple Music, MediaNet, Deezer, Google Play, Microsoft Groove, iTunes, Rdio, Spotify, Tidal, and YouTube Music) -THIS IS A TEST. THIS IS ONLY A TEST! 12743762_10154043588912125_265387591301444843_n

When will this album be released?
Now that the stores have your music, give them from 2 days to a week to push your album live. iTunes often happens faster (sometimes same-day) but not always.

the goal as this is just distribution on the side is to get my own instant digital download store going again to avoid the service fees and such.

and that comes down to cost and effort. technical support of your own online store especially digital takes effort and attentiveness, and at a certain point out sourcing that becomes practical. the digital stores ive had working in the past were install packages that were totally free, but required a lot of research and work to implement. but once i got them going they were stable and worked properly. ching ching all monies into my pocket (less paypal transfer to bank account fees which can be avoided if you use paypal to shop). by letting itunes and google and the such handle all this they also provide exposure to a much larger audience.

once in place i will pay Google Ads and Facebook for promoted and sponsored ads to hit large audience. the key being that “ad” being as fewest clicks away from actually putting $$$ into my pocket.

whatever it is there is a market out there for it and someone will buy it. and if you can create a product or service that finds a niche thats even better. i want to have a system in place to sell product so that when i hit CNN or something mass media i’m a quick blurb of a website name away from exposing my product ready to purchase to millions

once a stable mechanism of manufacturing to purchase process is in place all it has to be is fed and promoted.

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