My First Time In A Professional Recording Session

20150904_182628_001-1I want to thank the fellows funky Christopher Troy, Barry Chenault andAnthony Sanders, etc for last Friday’s session. The bottom line is that was the first recording session that I sponsored, hired and was the focus of and I learned a lot. I was able to see the working parts of musicians at the next level and a bit of the protocols and match it with my intentions and needs. Funding the project was the easy part in this instance. the tricky part is there were a few moments where my input was needed for direction. not so much to be a micro-managing bossy type but also not being completely absent either. i need to be able to articulate what i want more concisely and this would make everybody’s role easier (including mine!).

but overall i’m very happy (yes, this is all about me) with the way things went. we definitely hit at least one unique high and when i listen to the session im sure there will be more. and though im more of a “just jam and let’s see what happens i’ll make it a song later” i got to see the process of how a song is done at the next level. and i mean a “song” with parts and bridges and changes and a whole bunch of other stuff that i knew not what they were talking about. LOL

the musicianship was so pleasing that i might have taken it for granted. and i feel i should address just how damn good i thought the players were. the talent and the way they brought the funk that i liked was overwhelming. i even said out loud a couple of times that this is too easy and that was because of the level of musicianship assembled. i guess i am highly favored to have access to such talent and i must not forget to appreciate the skills i can reach out to.

so there was a point there when it clicked and i was like WOW SHIT this is damn damn good what more can i do with it? how do i take it to the next level now that this part works. balancing excitement and focus while enjoying but working.

the music was soooo beautiful to me there were moments i was overwhelmed

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