My Life I Love

I love my life absolutely. I dont think that im in love with myself, but i am definitely in love and very proud of the things i can do. The things that i am capable of is what i love most about me. My knowledge gives me “advantages” and a freedom that most people will never experience.

My understanding gives me the abilty to determine what is important and what should be priority based on my own personal desires and needs. I dont go to external sources to determine what is cool or how i should live. I am at a point where i live according to my own philosophy. I do not live to please or appease anyone or anything. I worry not about any judgement, other than my own unto myself.

I have said it many, many times. The freedom i have achieved is magical. It comes from having the tools to achieve, and to do or have anything that i want. Its not about money or power or cheating or stealing or “getting it.”. Its about having heightened intelligence (a superior processing of knowledge + experience) to figure out the way to have whatever it is i want and attaining it in a harmony with everything around me.

Money is one route to get what you want. That’s why a lot of people seek riches as the solution. What money does is get you “things,” but there are ways to get those same things (or generic versions thereof) without money. And it lies with people, communication and a lot of times paperwork!!

Also with my understanding i have the ability to enjoy every ounce and nanosecond of life. I dont need to have the best or the newest or travel to an exotic place to find joy. Because i believe everything is connected (in this universe) i deeply appreciate the impact that everything has on the universe, and therefore on reality and its affect on “forever.”

Consciousness to me is the greatest gift in the universe. The ability to contemplate and be self aware. To reason and understand the environment around me. To explore life, not just physical life but the conscious thoughts of other human beings in relation and comparison to the concepts and perceptions i have. To gain deeper knowledges of how the things around me operate. To be sensitive to what other people respond to. And to do this with a predisposition towards harmony.

There may be the secret. It is one thing to have an ability, its another how one applies it. My motivation and energy comes from being in harmony with people and things around me. I get joy from the joy of others around me and this gives me more joy which i express to excite more joy in the people around me. Its almost perpetual in that the levels of energy between me and others can feed each other generating greater possibilities and degrees of higher consciousness. For me this is the key. Being able to tap into what could be an unlimited source of energy.

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