Not The Happiest Camper In The Tent

I’m presently not the happiest camper in the tent. Nor am I the grumpiest. In fact, I’m not grumpy at all. I’m flat. A “flat” experience has taught me that precedes being irritable and grumpy if I don’t get some jefferytime. So it’s time to put it in neutral, disengage and dwell within for a few hours.


Preferably in my own jefferytime space, in jefferytime quiet, not distracted by anything non-jeffery- unless jeffery decides that is where he wants to bestow his attention. But since I can’t at the moment, I will carve out that space and time from my present situation…

At first I felt that this time within was something that I just “wanted.” Until I noticed how much better I felt consistently after. That’s when I named and identified it as something tangible.

I’m at work now and am well prepared to deal with the issues, requirements and concerns that I am responsible for here. My priorities are straight so that makes this an easy thing to do. Put in the work and handle my business first, THEN find my time in the in-betweens.

This is work day 3 of 7 straight and it started with me intentionally leaving my house keys in the car forgetting I left my personal laptop here last night because I went straight to see Fishbone and knew I wouldn’t need it till I got back here. So I got in a little extra cardiovascular running back to the car to get those keys that I needed to open my desk drawer. Right before that I got a hankering for some chips and was thinking Chili-Cheese Fritos from the 8th floor as a pep-me-up to myself. I got it all in with a hot tea and my usual pre-work bathroom break and clocked in on time…

It’s not a matter of sleep or rest either as I’m getting plenty of that. It’s a matter of quality time to myself, for myself, with myself. I know there are people with family and kids and dogs and jobs and etc that go years without ever having any real self “quality” time. I have no doubt that works for them and they may even thrive on it. God bless them. But me I got to get my me in and come here to this place. A place I’m so comfortable with I can share whiffs of it via social media, while staying within…

I love the internet as I love writing and sharing while inside jefferytime. The internet gives me a platform that I can “write at” as if it were a captive audience. An audience that remains virtually external that I can access at anytime with the help of mobile devices. LOL I remember in the 90s or so when the internet was being developed (post Prodigy and CompuServe) and the idea there could be virtual space accessible worldwide by millions that could not be censored in anyway by anybody but me and could be all about me and what I thought, what I wanted and what I had a passion for?? Almost 20 years later and I’m still excited by that idea: hence jefferyTV…

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