Oh So Yes This Is…

13151417_10154272413667125_5817034835325977593_nI very easily see why gluttony is a sin. So good it’s like taking a drug. This definitely distracts you from the love of any God or anything for that matter. And it is something took be able to let it be so good. Everybody can’t allow them selves to experience and succumb to such pleasures. Just give in and let it over take you. The brief euphoria. Mary Mother of God. No way any kind of heaven can be better than what’s going on here. Better quit fooling yourself and go out and get it. It takes confidence to allow yourself to feel this good at any given moment…


it takes work and effort to be happy. happy just don’t happen and happy ain’t free. happy doesn’t fall from the sky and happy can’t be given to you. HAPPY IS BUILT, EARNED AND MUST BE MAINTAINED!!!





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